A honeymoon cruise can be a wonderful way to celebrate married life.

Take a stroll on the deck and admire the sunsets against the turquoise sea. As the soft ocean breezes caress you with the gentlest, most sexy touch, come morning, indulge in breakfast on your private veranda as soft ocean breezes cares you with the gentlest, most sexy touch. You can toast your honeymoon choice with craft cocktails later in the day.

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The idyllic destinations that suit the 10 fabulous ships best for a blissful honeymoon cruise are the ones we chose.

Which cruise style and locale are calling your name?

Silver Origin in the Galapagos

Silver Origin in the Galapagos Islands. SILVERSEA CRUISES

Maybe you and your partner think the best honeymoon cruise is to visit the most amazing endemic species in the world. If you can do it in a stylish way.

The Silver Origin is a ship built for the region by Silversea Cruises. All nature-based exploration is delivered from a luxurious home base on the Silver Origin.

The all-suite accommodations are designed with a sense of place in mind. If you spot a sea lion, you'll get to take pictures from your ocean-view bathtub.

Your butler is a white-gloved, tuxedo-clad personal masseuse who will happily draw an aromatic bath, scatter rose petals and light a candle around the tub.

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You can explore the UNESCO World Heritage site islands of Isabela and Isla Bartolome with a team of high-energy expedition experts. They will lead you on explorations through Zodiacs to find marine life and wildlife such as blue-footed boobie, scarlet Sally Lightfoot crabs and giant tortoises. Learning is fun with an interactive wall on the ship.

I wish I knew a few things before I went on a cruise.

There's a lot to enjoy when not exploring. If you want to recreate the dishes back home, you need to learn to make them yourself.

You can either go to the gym or the beauty salon. For a romantic night out, sip craft cocktails, listen to the Explorer Lounge pianist, and watch for meteorites.

Celebrity Beyond in the Eastern Mediterranean


Isn't every newlywed deserving of a magic carpet? You can share a meal or drinks with your new spouse on Celebrity Beyond, which can rise 15 decks above the sea.

This stunning 17-deck vessel will have you celebrating in a big way if that is what you want on your trip of a lifetime. The Rooftop Garden has floating pools that extend over the water's edge. The hot tub is shaped like a martini glass and has two stories to it.

The first at-sea restaurant from celebrity chef Daniel Boulud is sure to be a hit with couples. Boulud promises globally inspired dishes, like smoked salmon loin with cream of caviar, pickled cucumber and dill, in a stunning establishment.

There are five best cruise lines for romance.

The summer home port is near Rome, Italy. The Greek islands are for lovers. You can fall in love all over again as you stroll on the Mykonos shoreline, with friendly fishermen tipping their caps to you and pelicans swooping above.

If you want to see tombs from the 9th century, you can visit Santorini. You can visit the Acropolis and the museum in Athens.

Maybe you'd like to explore the Adriatic, walk the walls of the Old Town with your love, or kiss in the alleyways of the town. The destination of Poseidon's honeymoon is reputed to be Corfu. Before you go to the beach with your sweetheart, you should visit ancient sites from Beyond Celebrity's berths in Greece.

The retreat is a swank enclave within the ship. A private lounge and restaurant starring Boulud's signature dishes are included in Celebrity's newest retreat.

Beyond's 32 eateries and buzzy bars at night give retreat dwellers the best of both Celebrity worlds. The Martini Bar is located in the piazza style Grand Plaza center. If you want to keep date night going, you can dance until dawn.

The AquaClass Sky Suites have spa perks and the Edge Villas have plunge pools. If you want to spend a lot of money, you can get a 1,892- square-foot Iconic Suite. If your in-laws pay the bill, you won't see them.

Wind Surf in the Caribbean

Wind Surf in St. Lucia. WINDSTAR CRUISES

Sexy sails billow in the breeze as you seek a yacht-like honeymoon. If you want to go on a relaxing Caribbean island-hopping cruise, choose Windstar's Wind Surf. This is the best ship for romance. The onboard atmosphere is casual so packing is easy.

There are many personal touches on a small ship, from signature bowls of fragrant flowers and fresh fruit in cabins to the soft Egyptian cotton linens. When you want service and don't, crew members magically appear when you don't and disappear when you do. On a ship, small, intimate outdoor spaces are easy to find.

The Terrace Bar is a great place to meet other passengers when you're ready to have a good time. Dinner can be had in the main restaurant AmphorA or under the stars at candles grill.

You might prefer the water sports platform over the fitness center. Waterski, kayak, and windsurf are available. You're in for a lot of fun if the weather and water coincide. You will be lost in the magic of Caribbean isles, each different from the last.

The French St. Barts vibe is sexy with nearly everyone speaking French. In Paris, shopping and dining is as good as it gets. There are authentic Creole restaurants and shops in St. You can find a secluded corner or snorkel among the colorful fish at the beach. You can wade through the natural bath pools at The Baths.

You can get manicures, pedicures, facials, and body wraps at the salon. It's a good idea to book an acupuncture treatment after the wedding.

Norwegian Prima in Iceland and Northern Europe


You can check that box on your honeymoon if you want to. Your partner can keep you warm in the cold.

Norwegian Cruise Line's 3,100 passenger Norwegian Prima is the first in the line's newest class and will sail around Northern Europe in the summer.

There are active volcanos, glaciers, hike-strewn mountains, and hot springs in Iceland. Go to the beyond-beautiful fjords in Norway, then take a stroll through the cobbled streets of the quaint Belgian city of Bruges.

The ship is elegant, unlike a typical NCL sail. The first three level racetrack at sea is called Prima Speedway. The drop is the first dry slide at sea. You can race your spouse on The Rush.

The Haven, NCL's ship-within-a-ship enclave, features upgraded cabins and staff-to-guest ratios for big ships. An outdoor spa with a glass-walled sauna and cold room is one of the perks of the Haven suites. You get a private lounge and a restaurant.

An outdoor boardwalk surrounds the entire ship when you're ready to leave your cabin. You can enjoy Texas barbecue, Thai noodles or Spanish-inspired street food at NCL's first open-air marketplace. Go ahead, you already fit into your wedding attire.

There are two pools, an impressive Concourse sculpture garden, and Oceanwalk glass bridges that make you feel as if you are walking on the ocean. Escape rooms are a great way to team up. There are a lot of virtual reality games here as well.

Paul Gauguin in French Polynesia

Paul Gauguin in French Polynesia. PAUL GAUGUIN/FACEBOOK

Imagine white sand beaches, shallow lagoons, and fish swimming through crystal-clear water in the middle of a misty mountain.

French Polynesia is a good choice if this sounds like your ideal love island. A Polynesian blessing ceremony is required for all honeymooners.

The Paul Gauguin is the most popular ship to sail to French Polynesia. The ship was renovated in 2021. South Sea elegance is evoked by precious woods, antique engravings and a lagoon inspired color palate.

There is a virtual museum with more than 150 paintings by French artist Paul Gauguin, who captured these magical islands in icons.

It's not necessary to rise early for adventure on these sails, as you can stay in bed or on the veranda for 24 hours. You can sample cultural cuisine on board. In some cabins and suites, butlers can arrange private cars and make lunch reservations.

Go with the flow. You can explore local villages on foot, wander lush rainforests or float on a blue lagoon. On a private islet or secluded beach, sip drinks from coconuts and look at the baby-soft sand between your toes.

Are you ready to go? Hit the gym or swim. There are stars in the sky. Try local crafts with your dancers. When you think the honeymoon can't get any better, a sunset jet boat ride is the next best thing.

Quantum of the Seas in Alaska

Quantum of the Seas. ROYAL CARIBBEAN

If you and your new spouse are active, you might want to skip the beach and go on a cruise to Alaska. The right mix of thrilling attractions and sophisticated style can be found at Royal Caribbean'sQuantum of the Sea.

You can either ride the NorthStar for a panoramic view of Alaska's glaciers or race your partner up the ship's rock climbing wall. iFLY has a sky-diving sim that you can use to learn to fly. Bumper cars, roller skating, basketball and video games are available at the SeaPlex.

When you're ready to relax from the wedding stress, soak your cares away in the adults-only solarium, or cuddle up on the pool deck and watch a movie. It's time to go to a rock show in the Music Hall.

When you reserve a table for two at one of the many specialty restaurants, you will be able to go on a date. Jamie's Italian by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is the place to go if you want to impersonate Lady and the Tramp.

Nothing compares to the beautiful backdrop of Alaska. You can go on a flightseeing tour to the top of a glacier, where you can ride in a dogsled or kayak. While eating lunch you can toast each other with beer. You can take a stroll through the brightly colored flower displays at the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia, and then ride the carousel as if you're on a first date.

You will want to savor these moments for years to come if you take a selfies as the ship sails away into the Inside Passage.

Disney Wish in the Bahamas


The idea of honeymooning on Disney Wish with hundreds of children and large-than-life mice is a nightmare for a lot of couples. It's a dream come true for many people. Some people choose to marry on board.

honeymooning couples can escape to the Disney Cruise Line ship for grown up entertainment. During a couple's massage at the Senses Spa, you can take a dip in the swimming pool.

You can dress up in costume for a gourmet meal at Enchante by Chef Lallement, or you can nerd out at the Worlds ofMarvel dining experience. An adults-only breakfast at Palo will hit the spot after a long day of sleeping.

At the Hyperspace Lounge, you can sip drinks inspired by Endor or the planet of Coruscant, where you can bond over your love of Star Wars. You can get a lot of rowdy people at the Keg and Compass Pub.

Disney's private island of Castaway Cay is the location of Disney's three and four-night cruises. There is an adults-only beach at the latter where you can sunbathe without being sprayed with sand by your young shipmates. Try snorkeling in Nassau.

The AquaMouse water ride is located on the ship and can be enjoyed by all the children.

Oceania Riviera in the British Isles


It is rare for the wedding couple to enjoy food at their own wedding. It's possible to make up for lost time on a food-focused cruise. You'll get gorgeous photos and amazing stories to tell when you sail around the British Isles or other northern European destinations.

You may need to skip one or two nights to make sure you have enough time to relax as a newlywed. You can visit old abbeys and castles in Ireland. You should kiss before kissing the stone. You can explore ancient ruins in the Scottish Highlands and islands, then debate the existence of the Loch Ness Monster in a bar.

Treat yourself to afternoon tea on the way back from the ship. As you sip Earl Gray, feed your sweetie finger sandwiches and petit fours. Try to recreate local dishes in a cooking class at Riviera's Culinary Center, or take an art class led by the ship's artist in-residence.

Dinner will be the highlight of your trip. You'll enjoy fine cuisine in a different venue almost every night for a week with multiple no-surcharge restaurants on board. You can share a steak at the Polo Grill. Who gets the last bite of lobster pad Thai at Red Ginger one night, and who gets the last bite of cannoli at Toscana the next?

If the two of you are connoisseurs, you could sign up for an over-the-top, gourmet private dining experience at Privee.

As a honeymooner, you are allowed to spend as much time in the Tranquility Beds as you want. You can take advantage of expanded balconies with hot tub and in-suite dining tables when you just want to eat out. Is it possible for two people to fit in a bathtub? Only one way to find out is available.

SeaDream I in the French and Italian Rivieras

Honeymoon couple. SEADREAM YACHT CLUB

The Sea Dream I is like a small cruise ship. Enjoy a glass of champagne with your lover on a top-deck bed. The crew will procure your drink in the next port of call if the bar doesn't have it.

As the ocean breezes caress your skin, you will take most of your meals outside. If you don't want to follow a pre- wedding diet, try the line's raw food menu at dinner and lunch.

The crew will make sure that you have all of your favorite foods, even if it means keeping your favorite ship-made chili- chocolate ice cream on hand.

In the right ports, the crew will open up the watersports marina platform so the two of you can kayak or paddleboard from the ship. There is a chance to kiss in the dark at night.

What could be better than spending time in St. Tropez, France, or Portofino, Italy? You can treat yourself to lunch at a winery. If you want to tour Monte Carlo like James Bond, you won't need your wedding tuxedo, and the vibe is always casual yet upscale.

Scarlet Lady in the Caribbean

The Virgin Voyages cruise ship Scarlet Lady. VIRGIN VOYAGES

There are honeymoon cruises that are sexy and naughty. It will do it for you if you take a quickie cruise on Virgin Voyages.

The rebels like to do things a little differently. No children are allowed on the plane. The entertainment reflects the passenger demographic. "Never Sleep Alone" is a sexy late-night cabarethelmed by a "sexologist" and you can get front-row seats. The menu at the mostly vegetarian restaurant is divided into "nice" and "naughty", so if you're a drag queen you might want to check it out.

It's possible to get matching tattoos on the ship.

Every meal is a date, no matter what you're eating. Breakfast may be Japanese, lunch a Hawaiian poke bowl and dinner may be Italian. Lick Me Till...Ice Cream is the place to go for frozen desserts.

You'll want to book at least a Sea Terrace with a private balcony and red hammock for your honeymoon. The suites that come with more space, an in-room bar, and access to an exclusive sun deck area are called "Rockstar Quarters".

There are two sea days for lazy mornings on the ship that sails five nights to the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. You can get out on a catamaran to check out under-the-sea life or have an adventure zip lining in Puerto Plata. Virgin guests have private access to the Bimini Beach Club for all the sunbathing they can fit into a day, so they don't have to worry about tan lines now that wedding photos are done.

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