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3 million dollars was raised by the game developers at Jarvi Games to fund their game.

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Jarvi Games is based in Cyprus but its development team is spread out between three countries. The war with Russia forced the company to move to safer areas, according to the company's co-founder.

In the summer of this year, Vice Online made its debut in open alpha in Turkey and Brazil.

A million downloads to date, some days being a No. 1 app in Brazil.

Dmitry Burnos is chief product officer at Jarvi Games.

The round was led by Play Venture. Alexander, Ihor, and Serhii Hrynenko were part of the team that started the company.

The Summit is called Into the Metaverse 3.

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The creators of the game are young and aspiring Ukrainians.

They are in the hypercasual games segment.

The talented team of Jarvi Games are supported by us. Their determination and ambition.

The founding partner at PlayVentures said in a statement that he was very inspired by the creation of mobile games. Vice Online has the potential to become a global hit and we are excited to partner with them to develop the studio into a global mobile gaming powerhouse.

Jarvi Games raised a half a million dollars from The Games Fund.

Alexander Lysenko, Jarvi Games CEO, said they are thrilled that prominent international investors have faith in their vision. We are committed to making bold and innovative moves because we see a massive opportunity in the game space. Jarvi Games is bursting with fresh ideas, passion, and the determination to bring a new era of Multiplayer Experiences to the mobile gaming world.

Vice Online has up to 60 players in a multiplayer mobile gaming crime world.

Despite the war in Ukraine, they are determined to make games.

Burnos stated that they are all Ukrainians. We had to move and now most of us are in Warsaw.

It is not legal for men to leave the country while the war is going on. Previously, the founders worked on hypercasual games for companies like Voodoo, but they realized the niche for Grand Theft Auto style games was open in the mobile gaming market. The market has become hungry for games with upgraded tech since the release of Grand Theft Auto.

Burnos said that they left their jobs and built this.

Burnos said that it wasn't as disruptive as it appears since many on the team work remotely. The team was small.

Some areas are suffering electricity losses because of Russia's attacks on infrastructure.

The problem is getting worse.

Vice Online

You can do anything in Vice Online.

Vice Online is an open world action game with a narrative based on crime. The game is based on the community-run Roleplay server.

Taking those ideas and running with them is the goal.

Vice Online is an open world experience where players can hang out with their friends. There are no rules about how to play the game. A city filled with a wide assortment of luxury cars, boats, aircrafts, various weapons can be explored by a total of sixty players.

Vice Online's creators want it to be a place to meet new people and make new friends. They want the game to be enjoyable to watch. The social core of the game is powered by proximity-based voice chat.

Burnos said that their focus is on social interaction mechanics. You can do whatever you want here. Roles can be done if you want to. It's like a place where you can leave.

Vice Online is being built by a team of Ukrainians.

Jarvi Games plans to dramatically improve their games with this investment.

Vice Online will have a lot of content by the end of the next decade.

The Games Fund is happy to see that Jarvi Games paid off. The new generation of game developers is unafraid to conquer niches that big companies are afraid of. The team achieved something that seemed impossible for even mature developers, leave alone 20-something first-timers. We value daring spirit and ambition. It's cool to see how the company has grown from a garage startup to a thriving international company, attracting top talent and building the future of entertainment.

Burnos wants the game to be available in the summer of 2023.

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