It is time to rethink how you use the social media platform. The creatives, caption and CTA that worked in the past might not work in the future as the platform continues to develop.

Some brands are worried about where to spend their social media budgets. Poor creatives, mixed messaging and limited ad types are some of the reasons why over 50% of social media marketing budgets are inefficient.

With this article, I want to find out how we can improve our ad strategies for GLAM LAB London, which gives beauty professionals in the U.K. the ability to register and list their services, which clients can book. The purpose of the campaign was to raise awareness and get leads.

Test 1

Image or video ad creatives?

I was hesitant to test image ads just to see how they performed compared to our video ads.

Video ads generate more engagement than other formats. I ran a quick campaign with an image ad, among other formats, and found that it was hard to push image ads on the photo sharing service.

The image is from Glamlab.

The decision was made to use video ads. I started with two video creatives that went crazy on the internet, generating 21,000 and 5,000 views, to see if they could do anything. A six-second video showing a girl without makeup and then transitioning to music was followed by a 13-second video showing a client struggling with makeup and ordering our service.

I used a general ad description with a CTA to book the service on our website for women from London, aged 18 to 55. The average result was: I chose all three of the ads on the social network.

The image is from Glamlab.

I had heard that it could be more expensive than other places, but I didn't think it would be so much. If the same creatives are used on different ads, they can perform at half the cost.

Test 2