Rendering of a waterfront home in Florida.
A rendering of 37 Indian Creek in Miami Beach, FL.Todd Michael Glaser/Dina Goldentayer
  • The most expensive neighborhood in the US was Indian Creek Village.

  • The private island is home to a number of famous people.

  • I was given a tour of the high-security enclave and saw why it's called theBillionaire Bunker.

Indian Creek Village has only a few dozen homes, but it still has its own mayor and government.

Billionaire Bunker / Indian Creek Village (Miami)

The Florida State Government is located in Florida.

The law that allowed 25 or more neighbors to form a town was repealed in 1939.

A man rows past Indian Creek homes.
A man rows past Indian Creek homes.Jeff Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The Florida State Government is located in Florida.

The man-made island is home to a number of famous people.

Indian Creek Village
Todd Michael Glaser/Dina Goldentayer ᐧ

Indian Creek is the most expensive city in the United States. A ten-bedroom mansion sold for $50 million.

37 Indian Creek Island Road
Todd Michael Glaser/Dina Goldentayer

The source is Zillow.

You need to be a resident to enter the island. Security at the gate scanned my driver's license before allowing us through.

The Indian Creek Village Police headquarters is on the left side of the island's entrance.

The island is secured by 13 full time police officers.

I was told that a laser beam security system would be put in place around the island's coast.

On the other side of the bridge, I was dropped off by my driver. A policeman stopped and asked who I was waiting for while I was waiting for Dina.

Construction workers were the only other people on the street. Several homes, including a mansion purchased by President Donald Trump's daughter and son-in-law, were under construction.

The New York Post is the source of this story.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bndchen paid $17 million for a home they demolished in order to build a new one.

Construction of the mansion appeared to remain underway, despite reports that the couple had paused the project.Hannah Towey/Insider

The source is Insider.

The Indian Creek Golf Club is at the center of the 300-acre island and every home has water views.

Todd Michael Glaser/Dina Goldentayer

We went around the quiet neighborhood after meeting Goldentayer.

There is a median listing price on Indian Creek.

The source is real

The listing of 37 Indian Creek Road was put up for sale in May. The property's developer initially said he would accept offers in the virtual currency.

Todd Michael Glaser/Dina Goldentayer

The source is Insider.

Goldentayer said that the home will be re- listed once construction is done. She told Insider that following the collapse of FTX, they don't plan to accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

Todd Michael Glaser/Dina Goldentayer

I was surprised to learn that buying property in Indian Creek doesn't guarantee you admission to the golf club.

According to Page Six, local residents told Donald Trump's daughter and son-in-law they didn't need to apply to the club after buying a $30 million home.

Page six is the source.

The country club was accused of discrimination in the early 2000s. The club denied the accusations.

The Wall Street Journal reported on the story.

The club is the only thing on the island. Indian Creek Road is the only street in the area.

Goldentayer said there was no action here. You are 10 minutes away from the action.

Private docks were found in most of the homes. There is no direct beach access in this neighborhood.

Goldentayer said that some residents own or rent additional properties on Miami's mainland, such as the $18.6 million rental condo owned by Ivanka andJared.

The New York Post is the source of this story.

Wall Street tycoon Carl Icahn is a resident on the island.

The source is Insider.

Privacy was top of mind for billionaires. mansions were well hidden from the street

High-profile names are attracted to the community because of thequintessential privacy and over-the-top security measures. It was clear by the end of the tour that the neighborhood is likened to a Bunker.

Business Insider has an article on it.