A photo of the helicopter from the emergency sos video

When it comes to safety features, calling for help via satellite connection is one that we think everyone should have, even if they don't own an Apple device. People are saving themselves thanks to their new phone.

The Apple Watch Ultra is the only other device in the world that has satellite internet, and the only phones from Apple that do. If you don't have a cellular connection, the feature kicks in. Once you find the closest satellite, you will be directed to Apple's dispatch service, where you can ask questions and enter text descriptions.

Two people were saved in Los Angeles County. It's a dead zone for cellular service. The call for aid began after the phone recognized it had been in a crash. The victims got out of the car and went to the police station to report that they had slid off a mountain. The country's sheriff's department was one of the rescue units that reached out to Apple's call center.

There is a video of the helicopter rescue on social media. Apple has been credited with helping locate the 20-year-old victims. They were taken to a hospital for further observation.

This isn't the first time Apple's emergency service has worked. The snowmobiler was rescued in the middle of the night because of the satellite connection on his phone. Some of the stories are proof that Apple intended the feature to work.

In the UK, Ireland, France, and Germany, Apple has just announced that they will be able to use satellite emergency services.

Will other phone makers follow Apple's example and help their users out of a bind? There are rumors that the first Android phone in the new year will have the same feature as the Apple's. The search engine giant has confirmed that it is figuring out its satellite solutions.