The billionaire who wants nothing more in life than to be loved by legions of fans was loudly booed by a crowd in San Francisco on Sunday night after he was invited by comedian Dave Chappelle. Even if you don't like Musk, the video is rough.

Chappelle told the crowd to make noise for the richest man in the world.

The crowd erupted into a mixture of cheers and boos, before the boos clearly won out. There is an update at 6:30 a.m. You can still watch the footage below, even though it appears to have been deleted from the social network. Musk had a microphone in his hand as he was booed by the crowd. Musk wasn't sure what to do about the negative reaction.

Cheers and boos. The person said, "Emil..." "Chappell said it."

Musk was booed by the crowd when he replied to Dave.

Some of the people you fired are in the audience.

Chappelle tried to save Musk's dignity by calling the people who are booing poor, but they didn't like it.

At least one person snuck their phone into the stadium for the show and took a picture of a strange exchange between two people.

Chappelle joked in a second video that his business model was fuck Earth. Here, you can watch it.

What type of pussy did they have up there? Chappelle said in the video that they would be doing that.

The crowd seemed to be won over after Chappelle joked about "titty bars" in space.

Musk was booed by the crowd when he was on stage.

There is a comedy club on Mars. As Musk stood by awkwardly, Chappelle said, "Yeah."

Chappelle said that people could boo all they wanted because Musk gave him a jetpack.

The crowd booed whenever Musk spoke, much to the frustration of Musk.

I don't know what to say. Musk got embarrassed at the roar of the booing.

"Don't say anything." Chappelle said it would only ruin the moment. Are you able to hear that sound? That sounds like civil unrest. I can't wait to see what you do next. Shut the fuck up.

Chappelle was hostile in his defense of Musk.

Chappelle said that he was exhausted that bringing Musk on stage had been a failure. It's your pursuit of happiness. I pray for you.

At that point, Chappelle decided to throw in the towel, thanking the crowd, but a third video shows Chris Rock joining the stage with a few other people. It can be seen here.

A man is asked by Chappelle to say the phrase "I'm rich, bitch" into the mic. While handing the microphone to Musk, the man told him to say the same thing. You could imagine Musk's tone. The crowd erupts into boos again, but this time they are drowned out by someone in the sound department.

It is difficult to tell from the videos what percentage of the crowd was booing during the cringeworthy episode, but some on social media estimated it was the majority of people in the stadium.

I was at the Dave Chapelle show in SF tonight and who came on was Musk. A majority of the crowd booed. He has 18k people. It becomes a corncob. I don't know what to say. James Yu, the founder of Sudowrite, said that Dave tried to save the situation but couldn't.

It's not hard to armchair play after, but at least say something. I would like to say thanks. It would have gotten a laugh if I had paid me $8'. He mumbled something about being in a simulation but felt off for the crowd.

Musk, who used to have a bipartisan appeal in the U.S., has outed himself as an entitled right-wing prick in the short span that he's ownedTwitter. When he bought the company at the end of October, Musk almost immediately started to lay off workers.

Musk has been trying to court some of the worst people on the internet, and over the weekend he said that his "pronouns" are "prosecute/ fauci." There is a joke about people who are trans and a reference to the far-right belief that Anthony Fauci was responsible for the covid-19 epidemic.

It wouldn't be a big deal for a Bay Area crowd to boo the wealthiest man in the world in San Francisco. This was not a group of people who were antiFA. Dave Chapelle is a man who recently outed himself as an anti-trans bigot. The local press reported that Chris Rock was a top performer.

Chappelle joked that the crowd might have been made up of people who had been laid off from the social network. It seems like that is a very real possibility. It is difficult to narrow down the reasons why Musk is an asshole. YoelRoth, the former head of Trust and Safety at Twitter, was one of the former employees who chose to stay on with the company after Musk's initial purge.

Musk made a baseless suggestion thatRoth was in favor of the sexualization of children, an apparent ploy to create his own mythology that the billionaire is on a quest to personally end the exploitation of children around the world. According to the report, Musk has destroyed the team that monitors for child exploitation.

Even though Musk has a lot of money, he won't face real consequences like when he called someone a pedophile, since he got away with it. Musk might want to stick to his safe space on the social networking site. After all, he paid $43 billion for it. He gets a lot of love from weird nerds who want nothing more than to be close to his wealth. The Chase Center in San Francisco doesn't have a block button