There are a few new features for the digital assistant that aim to make it easier to use. Users will be able to interact with the device by raising their hand, which will allow them to dismiss a timer without having to say a word. Text-to-speech options and a way to turn on all closed caption features at the same time are being rolled out.

The fall launch of a "Tap to Alexa" option for Fire tablets allowed users to interact with the voice assistant without speaking.

Amazon says users will be able to hold up their hand to dismiss timers on the Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen.) or 10 (3rd Gen.) devices. A common scenario where users in the kitchen are cooking while listening to music and don't want to have to scream over their tunes to be heard byAlexa or touch the screen with messy hands is one that Amazon envisions. In that case, the gesture could give them an easier way to interact with Amazon's voice assistant.

You have to visit the settings and device options to get the gesture option. Amazon has other plans for this feature down the road if it is called "Gestures" and not "Gesture"

Amazon said that Gestures uses on-device processing to detect a raised hand. The users won't have to enroll in other visual identification features to use it.

Text-to-speech is one of the new features the company is rolling out today, which will give customers a dashboard of commands they can use to launch their device. Text-to-speech will allow customers to type out phrases on a keyboard and have them speak into a microphone. The commands can be saved as tiles with their own icons and colors.

The feature aims to help customers with speech disabilities, who can use text- to-speech to communicate with others in their home, for example by typing out "I'm hungry."

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The third new addition is called Consolidated Captions, which allows customers to turn on Call Captioning, Closed Captioning, and Alexa Captions at the same time across all their supported Amazon devices. Amazon says that this will help those who are hard of hearing or deafness, as well as those who useAlexa in loud environments.

To enable this feature, you need to tap settings, accessibility, and select "captions."

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According to an Insider report, Amazon is on pace to lose $10 billion this year as opportunities to monetize the platform, like voice apps, become available. Users of the device tend to only use it for basic tasks, such as playing music, using smart home devices, and getting weather information.

Amazon has been trying to make its devices more of a family hub than a kitchen TV. The wall-mounted Echo Show 15 has a number of features, including a to-do list, shopping list, and Fire TV streaming.

The new features of the echo show are now available.

Fire TV arrives on Amazon’s wall-mounted smart screen, the Echo Show 15