I think it's time that I book one of these flights and see what happens.

The basics of Eastern Airlines

I consider Eastern Airlines to be the world's strangest "real" airline. The airline is based in the US and has over a dozen wide body jets that were acquired secondhand.

The Eastern name may sound familiar to some. It was a major US airline back in the day. The rights to the Eastern name were purchased by an airline that went out of business. Dynamic International Airlines bought the rights to the Eastern name and brought the brand back to life.

A few of the carrier's planes operate charter flights, but the airline tries to operate scheduled flights as well. It's the thing.

  • Eastern has a history of announcing routes and then never actually launching them
  • The carrier’s alleged route network is all over the place, as the airline was going to launch everything from Chicago to Sarajevo, to New York to Anchorage to Jinan, to New York to Los Cabos
  • Most of these routes don’t end up ever launching, and those that are launched often operate just a few times

Eastern has been doing this for a long time. The airline has planes, and sometimes it flies them.

I’m ready to fly the world’s most exclusive airline!

The company's website is the best place to book a ticket. There is a once monthly flight between Miami (MIA) and Santo Domingo (SDQ).

The entirety of Eastern’s route network

You know you are dealing with an unusual airline when the banner on the home page simply lists the next flight that the airline will be operating.

Eastern Airlines’ website

Eastern Airlines has a number of flights in the future. One in December, one in January, one in February, and one in March. You can travel with a free piece of sporting equipment if you book a one-way fare.

Eastern Airlines’ website

I would love to book one of these flights.

  • Will the flight actually operate?
  • What is Eastern’s onboard product like?
  • Who exactly is taking this once monthly flight on Eastern?
Eastern Airlines’ website

It is just so strange. I would like to work in Eastern's route planning department. What happens during that conversation?

“So, what are we thinking for routes for the next four months?”“Eh, let’s fly from Miami to Santo Domingo.”“Okay, cool. How often? It looks like American Airlines flies that five times per day.”“That’s a bit aggressive. Let’s do once per month.”

“Brilliant! I’ll put the flights on sale!”

I would like to book the December 23 flight just to see how it goes. I wondered if he would forgive me. I don't think he would. I don't think booking the flight means I'd be traveling anywhere. I don't know.

I need to convince Winston to let me book Eastern

Bottom line

The strangeness has reached a new peak with the airline now selling once monthly flights between Miami and Santo Domingo. Someone should talk me out of booking a flight on Eastern.

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