The last thing we want to do is stress ourselves out during our relaxation hours because life is too much.

It's wrong! We can't seem to get enough of the shows we've been watching over the last year. It's possible that it's just a relief for the stress to be contained within a physical box in front of us, or that it's something else.

Here are the most stress-inducing TV scenes of the year.

1. Stranger Things 4, the "Running Up That Hill" scene

A girl wearing headphones floats up into the air, towards the camera, while two boys are seen on the ground below looking frightened.

No, Max! Credit: Netflix

Kate Bush's 1985 track "Running Up That Hill" was one of the best songs of the 1980's. The song was featured in one particularly powerful and nerve-jangling sequence where Max tries to escape Vecna's clutches, which catapulted the song to the top of the charts. The scene where she's pulled into his nightmare world is horrible because we know what could happen, and her final dash to freedom is terrifying until the very end.

2. Inventing Anna, the holiday in Morocco

A woman stands holding her credit card while talking on her phone in an opulent Moroccan building.

Absolute nightmare. Credit: Nicole Rivelli/Netflix

Being in a country that you're not familiar with can be exciting, but can also be a lot of work. It's a nightmare in this movie. The sequence in question takes place in the sixth episode of the show, when Anna Delvey, a serial scam artist, takes her friends on a luxurious holiday to Morocco, only to find out she doesn't have any money to pay for it. During one particularly unpleasant scene, Delvey's friend Rachel Williams frantically calls her bank in an attempt to get some emergency funds transferred before eventually being forced to pay tens of thousands in hotel bills on her company card Watching things go from all-expenses-luxury to the threat of being held in a foreign country is really hard to watch.

3. House of the Dragon, the dragon chase

A dragon hovers in the cloudy sky above a cylindrical tower.

You're pretty safe when you're with a dragon, right? Credit: HBO

There is a problem. Prince Aemond is already there with his large dragon. A nervy dragon chases through the clouds that spirals into a disaster that starts a civil war.

4. Succession Season 3, the misdirected dick pic

A man sits on an outdoor sofa, frowning, with blue sky visible in the background.

What did you do, Roman?! Credit: Graeme Hunter/HBO

Sending a dick pic to your dad is one of the most difficult moments to top in Succession Season 3. Roman Roy was in a board meeting when he tried to send a picture to the interim CEO of Waystar. There's a horrible moment when we realize what's happened a split second before Roman does, and it's not a good feeling.

5. Euphoria, Rue waking up in Laurie's flat

A woman with curly dark hair sits slumped against a wall.

Rue (Zendaya) has a horrible time in "Euphoria" Season 2. Credit: Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

The sequence in episode 5 in which Rue wakes up in a flat belonging to a drug dealer is one of the show's more stress inducing scenes. Laurie is not a character to be messed with at this point. If she doesn't pay the money she owes from the suitcase of drugs, she will have Rue kidnapped. The stress levels quickly reach critical levels when Rue tries to leave the flat, only to find the door locked. Rue escapes through a window in the end, but not before one of Laurie's bad guys catches her.

6. Better Call Saul, the burglary scene

A balding man with glasses walks outside outside.

It's like he wanted to get caught. Credit: Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

The rule of thumb is that good things don't last. It isn't going to stay that way forever if something is going well for a character. Towards the end of Better Call Saul's final season, Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman is running a break-in operation with two men who previously threatened to reveal his identity Jimmy can't stop taking bigger risks even though it's all going well. The break in where the victim is supposed to be drugged and unconscious in the op plan happens when Jimmy is creeping around his house. Nope, that's right.

7. Severance, Mark letting his identity slip.

A man in a dimly lit room talks to another man and a woman.

A fish out of water. Credit: Apple TV+

In the show's finale things go into overdrive because of Severance's claustrophobia. A group of workers make the decision to split themselves into two people, a work version that only exists in their company, Lumon, and a version that exists outside. The work versions try to break free by flicking a switch that wakes them up outside of the office. Mark accidentally calls his boss, Harmony Cobel, who is actually his next door neighbour in the world, by the incorrect name.

8. Bad Sisters, the freezer scene.

Four women stand in coats in the gloomy basement of a house.

Basement plotting. Credit: Apple TV+

Any show that involves a group of characters trying to kill their brother-in-law is bound to get the heart-rate going. The sequence in which Becka Garvey hides in the basement in an attempt to lock John Paul in the freezer is one of the highlights of Bad Sisters. The moment we realize she's trapped the wrong person, it's not just the build up.

9. The White Lotus, the scene on the boat.

A woman sits surrounding by luggage.

Oh, Tanya. Credit: Fabio Lovino/HBO

They're trying to kill me. The beginning of the end for this beloved character can be found in these words. It's a shame that the men she's been courting around Sicily have turned out to be a bunch of scam artists. It was too good to be true. These guys are not actually her new friends after all.

When Jack's phone rings, he tells her that there's something going on that the penny finally drops. She is on a yacht that is close to where she wants to be. It's a nightmare. Tanya tried to talk to the captain of the boat, but he didn't help her. As she continued to keep up the ruse of not knowing about the plan to remove her from the boat, she oscillated between frantic running around the boat and silent musings. The most nerve-racking scene of all is when Tanya ran for a bedroom, grabbing Niccol's bag of tricks and turning the gun on the besties-turned-murder-squad. She could have left and claimed a small brush with death. She whispered as she tried to jump off the boat. She didn't get this. Oh, that's right. She needs to ask more questions. If she hadn't agreed to go on the boat.

You can watch The White Lotus on the internet, but you have to log in.

10. The Bear, the entire one-shot moment of episode 7.

Two chefs stand discussing something in a kitchen.

Credit: FX

"Review" is the most stressed episode of The Bear. It is. Is it the best episode of all time? It's absolutely true. The one-shot take of a day gone terribly wrong at The Original Beef of Chicagoland begins with an awkward restaurant review and ends with a stab. This one-shot is a bad moment as well.

Ayo Edebiri accidentally left the shop's new to-go feature on overnight, accumulating hundreds of orders, including 78 slices of chocolate cake, 99 french fries, 54 chickens, 38 salads, and 260 beef sandwiches. Throw in a Sharpie that isn't working, a surprise bring-your- kid-to-work day thanks to Tina, and two employees quitting amidst the chaos, and you have the worst day possible.

You can now watch The Bear on the internet.