The old "legacy" checkmark, along with the new "verified" checkmark, is being pursued by the company and its CEO, according to a report.

You might have noticed something strange if you own one of those. You will see a notice if you click on it. It might or might not be noteworthy. It's a fun fact that Musk has one of those. It's fair.

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Who's this guy? Credit: Stan Schroeder/Twitter

In a support document, there is an elaborate description of this. The document says that a blue checkmark could mean either that the account has an active subscription to the new service or that it was previously verified.

The new eligibility criteria includes an account being complete, with a display name, profile photo and confirmed phone number, older than 90 days, with no recent changes to profile photo, display name, or usernames. The account must have no signs of being deceptive or engaging in platform manipulation.

What will happen to the checkmarks? It is possible to remove the checkmark of an account at any time. All legacy checkmarks will be removed in a few months.

Tweet may have been deleted

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He said that the way in which they were given out was corrupt.

The new checkmark is only available in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, meaning a lot of users can't get it right now. It is hoped that the feature will be available everywhere before it starts killing checkmarks. Any other thing would be nonsensical.