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Week 14 is the 14th week of the regular season in the National Football League.

Through 13 weeks, our power panel has evaluated how teams are stacking up.

There were no major changes in the rankings. A new No. 1 pick was named after the Kansas City Chiefs lost to the CincinnatiBengals on Sunday. An unlikely team climbs in the polls.

In addition to our updated rankings, we checked in with NFL Nation reporters and asked them to name a stat in which each team ranked first. Some teams excel in rush defense and other excel in scoring, and some are the best in that area.

Let's check out the updated rankings.

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1. Philadelphia Eagles (11-1)

Week 13 ranking: 2

We're the top turnover marginers.

The Eagles have the league's best record due to their 13 plus in that department. The offense has turned the ball over just nine times and the defense has 23. Hurts threw three turnovers to 20 touchdown and deserved much of the credit.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (9-3)

Week 13 ranking: 1

We are the top scoring team.

The team has an average of 29.2 points per game. They had three 40-plus point games in their first seven. The only time the Chiefs have topped their average was in Week 11 when they scored 30 points against the Bolts. In their three losses, the Chiefs scored 17-20 and 24.

3. Buffalo Bills (9-3)

Week 13 ranking: 3

We're the top ranked team in the league.

The Bills sat on their couches on Sunday and watched the Dolphins and Chiefs lose, as Buffalo moved to the top spot in the conference. The Bills are tied with the Chiefs for the same record, so a win over them would be important. After two trips to Kansas City in the playoffs, securing home-field advantage has been a priority. With the Bills in control of their own destiny, back-to-back home games against the Jets and Dolphins will be crucial.

4. Dallas Cowboys (9-3)

Week 13 ranking: 4

We're the top point differentialers.

Despite not leading their division, the Cowboys are still 127-plus on the season with 333 points for and 206 against. They can be very dominant. They are tied for fifth best in the league over the course of the season, with a three game winning streak. They've scored 25 offensive and two defensive touchdown in their last five games.


Dan Orlovsky doesn't understand how anyone could think that the Cowboys and Eagles are competing for the best team in the league.

5. Minnesota Vikings (10-2)

Week 13 ranking: 6

We won by a single possession.

Nine of the Vikings' 10 victories have been decided by a single point. They are the first team in the history of the league to start a season with a perfect record. In Week 1 they defeated the Packers by a margin of 16 points. The Vikings are lucky to have won as many games as they have. They're ready for the playoffs, where games can be decided in the final minutes.

6. Miami Dolphins (8-4)

Week 13 ranking: 5

The percentage of plays that go for 10 or more yards is our number one ranking.

25% of the Dolphins' offensive plays have gained at least 10 yards this season, which shows how much of a threat this offense is. The Baltimore Ravens found out the hard way in Week 2 how hard it is to count out a team when they're down multiple scores. There's no other offense that's more capable of giving big plays than Miami's.

7. San Francisco 49ers (8-4)

Week 13 ranking: 7

We're the scoring defense's number one.

The 49ers' defense leads the league in a lot of categories, but this one is the most important. San Francisco has not given up a lot of points. Even more onus will fall on the defense after losing two starting quarterbacks. The rookies won't have to do much to keep the Niners going if they can keep playing at this level.

8. Cincinnati Bengals (8-4)

Week 13 ranking: 8

We are the top defensive completion percentage.

Lou Anoarum has stifled opposing quarterbacks this year. The Cincinnati team leads the league in completion percentage. It's an impressive feat because of the absence of Chidobe Awuzie, who tore his knee in Week 8. The team has held opponents to less than 60 percent. In the team's Week 13 loss in Cincinnati, Patrick Mahomes completed 59.9% of his passes.

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9. Baltimore Ravens (8-4)

Week 13 ranking: 10

The run block win rate is our number one ranking.

The success of the Ravens' ground game starts up front, even though Lamar Jackson gets most of the attention. The Baltimore run block win rate is the highest in the league. The Ravens have four offensive linemen who are in the top six in run blocking at their positions. Baltimore has been in the top five in run block win rate for the past four years.

10. Seattle Seahawks (7-5)

Week 13 ranking: 14

We have the highest completion percentage.

The second ranked team is three percentage points behind the top team. It's a reflection of how efficient their passing game has been as a whole, with an offensive line that's been good in pass protection, receiver who are creating separation and the most accurate quarterback in the league. Geno Smith has been throwing high percentage throws. He leads the league in completion percentage and adjusted completion rate, both of which factor in the difficulty of each throw.

11. Tennessee Titans (7-5)

Week 13 ranking: 9

Gross punt yards per game is our number one ranking.

The Titans have the highest gross punt yards per game of any team in the country. Stonehouse has excelled on special teams for Tennessee. Stonehouse has downed opponents inside the 20 on 24 occasions. Turron Davenport has punted 400 times this year.

12. New York Jets (7-5)

Week 13 ranking: 11

The fourth quarter point differential is ours.

The Jets have scored 94-40 against their opponents. This is one of the main reasons for the team's5-5 record, as strong finishes have been crucial in five of their victories. Excellent defense (40 points is a league low) is one of the reasons.


Rex Ryan still believes in New York despite the Jets' loss to the Vikings.

13. Washington Commanders (7-5-1)

Week 13 ranking: 12

The time of possession is ours.

The Commanders have the highest average time of possession in the league. In the last eight weeks they've gone 6-1-1 and kept the ball for an average of 33:48. In the first five games, they averaged 89 yards and 3.87 yards per carry, but in the last eight they've averaged 148.6 and 4.10 yards per carry. Since Week 5, the defense has played five fewer plays.

14. New York Giants (7-4-1)

Week 13 ranking: 13

We're the number one team in the world.

The Giants are tied with the Cowboys for first place in this category with 11 recovered fumbled balls. It was difficult to find something the Giants excelled at. In their seven wins they have recovered eight of the 11 fumbled balls. They had a tie with Washington. Two of the team's best players are tied for the lead with two recovered balls.

15. New England Patriots (6-6)

Week 13 ranking: 15

We are the top ranked opposition net-punt average.

New England has the best net-punting average against the Pats at 37 yards. A big part of that has been the emergence of Marcus Jones, who has received some solid blocking in front of him, with veteran Matthew Slater and up-and-coming rookies.

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-6)

Week 13 ranking: 16

We're the number one team in the country.

Tom Brady has thrown three picks this season, which is tied for the lowest in the league and the lowest in his career. He has only thrown 14 touchdown passes for the season, and he is taking far less chances with the ball. The team is scoring 17 points per game, which is 26th in the league.

Chandler Jones, Stefon Diggs & Taylor Heinicke ESPN

17. Los Angeles Chargers (6-6)

Week 13 ranking: 17

Yards allowed per carry is our number one ranking.

This isn't the category you want to be in, and it's the worst in the league. That's where the Bolts are after 13 weeks despite a significant change to their defense. It hasn't helped that several key defensive players have been out of action. All 11 defensive players have to stop the run. He said that run defense is a team operation.

18. Las Vegas Raiders (5-7)

Week 13 ranking: 20

The longest rush of the season has us at the top.

Josh Jacobs' 86-yard walk-off run in Seattle was the longest run of the season. The Raiders lead the league in average yards after first contact. Jacobs, who had his fifth-year option declined by the Raiders' new leadership, is in line for a big deal as he leads the league in rushing yards. Las Vegas is 13th in the country in terms of yards on the ground.

19. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-7)

Week 13 ranking: 26

We are the number one in field goals.

It's a sort of stat. Both field goals and field goals made are made by the Steelers. Their make percentage is in the bottom half of the league, but with Chris Boswell on IR, that's not entirely surprising. The reason the Steelers lead the league in field goal attempts is because their red zone efficiency is one of the worst in the league.

20. Detroit Lions (5-7)

Week 13 ranking: 23

We're the best in the red zone.

The Lions are in a good position to score on the goal line because of their strong rushing attack. In the red zone, the Lions score in 73.9% of the time. The team's preferred goal line threat is Williams, who leads the league in total rushing touchdown with 14 on the season.


Field Yates, Daniel Dopp and Liz Loza talk about why D'Andre Swift should be a must-start in fantasy.

21. Green Bay Packers (5-8)

Week 13 ranking: 19

We're the all-time winningest team in the National Football League.

They are the only team this season that has won all-time. Their win over the Bears was their 800th win in the league. Since 1921, nobody other than the Bears has owned at least a share of the all-time wins lead. The last team to do it before the Packers was the Buffalo All-Americans.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-8)

Week 13 ranking: 22

In the third quarter, we went for it on fourth down.

In the third quarter, the Jags went for it on fourth down seven times. That's more than the percentage of the next closest teams. Doug Pederson believes in being aggressive on fourth down, but also because the Jags have trailed at the half in six games.

23. Cleveland Browns (5-7)

Week 13 ranking: 24

A player's rushing yards after contact is what we're number one in.

One of the top rushing attacks in the NFL is powered by Nick Chubb. The Cleveland rushing offense is one of the best tackle-breaking offenses in the league.

24. Atlanta Falcons (5-8)

Week 13 ranking: 18

We are the top ranked team. Williams averaged 17.44 yards on punt returns.

He started his career as a corner before moving to running back, but his biggest contribution has been on special teams. This year, he has 16 returns for 281 yards. Even though he's tied for 17th in return numbers, he's tied for third in yards and been a game-changer at the position for Atlanta, which also has the all-time NFL leader in kick return touchdown, with CordarrellePatterson as their kick returner.

25. New Orleans Saints (4-9)

Week 13 ranking: 21

The turnover differential is negative.

The Colts caught up to the Saints after Monday night's game, but they still have a bad turnover ratio. The Saints have lost more than one game this season because of their inability to take the ball away and their tendency to give it away.

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26. Arizona Cardinals (4-8)

Week 13 ranking: 25

Most offensive penalties are against us.

The Cards have the most offensive and accepted offensive penalties in the league. Penalties, especially untimely flags, end up costing Arizona in situations that aren't ideal, and have been a problem for the Cards not just this year.

27. Carolina Panthers (4-8)

Week 13 ranking: 28

The run block win rate for guards is very high.

The running game has gotten so healthy the past month because of the combined run block win rate of Brady and Austin. They helped D'Onta run for more than 100 yards in four of his last six games. Interim coach Steve Wilks has been doing well at home.

28. Indianapolis Colts (4-8-1)

Week 13 ranking: 27

We're the top offenders.

Indianapolis has been in a state of disarray on offense due to the fact that the Colts lead the league in turnovers. The Colts gave the ball away on four straight possessions in the fourth quarter of their loss to the Cowboys. Between Matt Ryan's 13 picks and the Colts' high 12 lost fumbled balls, the Colts have been undermined.

29. Los Angeles Rams (3-9)

Week 13 ranking: 30

The offensive line combinations are ours.

Injuries to the offensive line started the story of the season for the Rams. The Rams have had 12 different offensive line combinations this season. The only team in the Super Bowl era that has used different starting five-man offensive line combinations in each of their first 12 games is the Rams.

30. Chicago Bears (3-10)

Week 13 ranking: 29

We're the number one team in rushing yards.

In 12 games, Justin Fields has 905 rushing yards thanks in part to an increase in designed runs. He's gone six straight games with a rushing touchdown, tying for the longest streak by a quarterback since 1950, and is on the verge of breaking the Bears' franchise quarterback rushing record. His three 50-plus yard rushing touchdown's are the most by any quarterback in the Super Bowl era Fields is on track to rush for over 1,200 yards, which would be the most ever by a quarterback in a season.

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31. Denver Broncos (3-9)

Week 13 ranking: 31

Red zone defense is our specialty.

The Broncos' defense has been one of the best in the league this season, with top-three status in scoring defense, total defense, pass defense and on. They lead the way in red zone defense, as opponents have scored on just 32% of their trips inside the 20 yard line. The lowest scoring offense is tied for last in red zone efficiency.

32. Houston Texans (1-10-1)

Week 13 ranking: 32

The opposing quarterback's red zone completion percentage is higher than ours.

The Texans' defense is the best in the league in red zone defense. They only allow touchdown on 51.28% of opposing offenses trips, which is seventh best in the league. They have two picks in the red zone which is third most.