A group of janitors contracted to clean the company's San Francisco headquarters went on strike and picketed outside of the building, which appears to have hit another roadblock in Musk's vision of cleaning up the company.

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Janitors with the union SEIU Local 87 demonstrated outside the offices, claiming they will be laid off at the end of the week after the tech giant did not negotiate a new contract with FlagShip.

The janitors went on strike. According to the California Labor Federation, picketing went on throughout the afternoon and evening.

The state labor federation accused the social networking site of moving on to a new cleaning contractor despite an obligation to rehire.

It's not clear which janitorial company Twitter intends to work with going forward or if any workers were brought in as replacements during the strike.

The California Labor Federation said that social media didn't seem to understand how important it was to keep a clean house.

Key Background

Five and a half weeks after Musk's $44 billion deal to buy the company closed, a janitor strike is just one of many problems for the company. One of his first moves as owner was to lay off about half the company's staff, leading to a series of lawsuits from dismissed workers who claim the billionaire did not follow proper protocol. Major advertisers and some regulators seem to have been spooked by his decisions to slash jobs. Musk made an offer of a 100% match on up to $1 million in advertising spending in a bid to bring ad dollars back to the company. If the company continues on its current path, European officials will threaten to ban it from the EU if it doesn't change course.

There is a plan to win back advertisers.

According to a report, the EU is threatening a ban on social media unless Musk ramps up moderation.

Donald Trump asked users to vote on his account.

The ex-Twitter employees are going to be lawyers.