According to a ruling from the National Labor Relations Board, Apple made coercive statements to employees during a union drive at a store in Atlanta, Georgia. The Communications Workers of America has accused the company of making a free and fair election impossible at the location.

The regional director of the National Labor Relations Board found merit in the allegations that Apple held captive-audience meetings. Either Apple settles the case or the National Labor Relations Board will file a complaint against it. Apple could be forced to put up signs at the location that inform workers of their legal rights if either of the two paths is chosen.

Atlanta was the first US location to file for a union election. The majority of the workers there signed up for the union. The CWA withdrew its request to hold an election less than a week before the vote. Apple's intimidation made it impossible to have a fair contest, according to the union.

There have been accusations of Apple violating labor laws. The company was accused by the National Labor Relations Board of discriminating against workers in New York City. The case was related to the CWA charges. The company has been accused of withholding benefits from workers.

There is movement on unionization at other Apple stores. The International Association of Machinists and the CWA have been voted on by workers in Maryland and Oklahoma to form a union. Efforts are continuing in other places.