Quality assurance workers at ZeniMax Online Studios are in the process of organizing a union, as labor movements in the video game industry build up. The workers are organizing with the help of the Code-CWA.

A majority of ZeniMax workers are proud to announce the launch of their union with the help of Code-CWA. The first group of workers at Microsoft are unionized. We are able to build a future where we can thrive.

The move comes just days after the workers at the Albany studio voted unanimously for their union. It seems that ZeniMax's path to unionization may not be impeded by Microsoft.

Microsoft shared principles that would guide its response to the organizing activities of its employees after it was announced that it was going to buy the company. The principles included the same lines used by companies before, but also stated that they do not believe there is any benefit toresisting employees' unionization efforts.

It seems to indicate that Microsoft is taking a hands off approach while also acknowledging the attempts that its future subsidiary, Activision, has made to impede the organization process there. Microsoft will recognize the union if the majority vote is in favor, according to an email from the CWA.

If the vote passes, ZeniMax Workers United would be the largest video game union in the US. Microsoft has been reached out to.