After shifting production away from China, it now appears that Apple is interested in producing the iPad. CNBC is reporting that Apple is looking to make some of its products in India.

It has been almost two years since reports emerged that Apple is considering manufacturing iPad in Vietnam. Apple wants to move up to 30% of its manufacturing outside of China.

Amid trade wars between China and the US and rising labor costs in China, Apple has been trying to make more of its products in other countries. Due to strict covid restrictions, Apple had to cut down the production of iPhone 14s there, leading to shipping delays.

There could be some issues with moving to India. Barriers could be posed by India's lack of individuals with experience in manufacturing complex devices.

The iPhone 14 was manufactured in southern India shortly after it was launched. It was the first time that the tech giant moved production away from China to India after releasing a flagship phone.

There will be an increase in the production of the iPhone in India over the next few years according to experts.

In the next five years, I think Apple will make a third of their phones in India.

It was reported in August that Apple was considering moving production of its products to Vietnam. The supplier of Apple had begun testing production of the devices in the country.