Apple Store employees at the St. Louis Galleria decided not to unionize, rejecting unionization in a filing with the National Labor Relations Board, according to a report.

It is thought that Apple's efforts to improve benefits to stymie unionization have been successful. In February, Apple increased paid sick days and vacation days, as well as increasing time limits between shifts, limiting late night shifts, and not scheduling employees to work for more than five days in a row.

The workers at the store don't want to be represented by theIAM, the labor group that was trying to organize the store. 66 of 90 employees don't want to join the union and don't support it in any way.

Plans for a vote for unionization were dropped in November due to anti-union practices and increased hostility towards workers. The employees claim that the unionization efforts were stopped after they heard about the petition. Most of the employees at the Apple Store don't want to work with theIAM. They don't think a union is necessary at the moment.

Apple has been accused of engaging in anti-union behavior, but workers said that union opposition was not influenced by management. Employees in Maryland were told that Apple would need to negotiate benefits with the union after the company refused to provide new benefits.

O'Brien told employees that unionization would make it harder for Apple to change. She said at the time that they have a relationship that is open and collaborative. If a store is represented by a union, it could change in a big way.

Two U.S. Apple Stores have decided to unionize and several other Apple retail locations are considering the same.

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