Ohio State set to prove they belong in the College Football Playoff (1:29)

Ohio State is going to play Georgia in the College Football Playoff. There is a time and a place for it.

10:28 PM AST

Smith-Njigba won't play in the College Football Playoff because he's going to the NFL.

Smith-Njigba wants to compete with his brothers more than anything. I decided to turn pro after the doctors told me I wouldn't be able to play in the playoffs.

Smith-Njigba was one of the most decorated players in college football and the country's top wide receiver draft prospect, but he dealt with a nagging injury all year. He was the Big Ten's all-time leader in yards with 1,606 last season, including a 347-yard performance in the Rose Bowl in which he scored three times.

Smith-Njigba's season never started. He was hurt in Ohio State's opener against Notre Dame and didn't play in the rest of the game. Smith-Njigba caught just five balls for 43 yards this season, due to a nagging injury.

The whole season was frustrating.

He said it was more than he could have imagined. I did my best to help my team and get back on the field. I have the strength to focus on my health and the next challenge because of my faith.

He was disappointed that he wouldn't get a chance to compete with his teammates. Georgia will play Ohio State on New Year's Eve.

He said that Ohio State meant the world to him. It will be hard to watch from afar, but I will be cheering my guys on.

Smith-Njigba said that he is definitely going to participate in the combine. He said he would like to remind scouts of what made him the country's top receiver.

The ability to get in and out of breaks is one of the things that Smith-Njigba shows. The Dallas Cowboys receiver is a similar player to Matt Miller, according to him.

He said that he will have an even bigger impact in the NFL than when he was at Ohio State. I help my team win and nothing has changed. My game has only gotten better over time. The NFL is going to get a better version of me, and I'm excited to have the chance to show everyone that I'm still the best wide receiver in the league.