Dmitry Rogozin, second from left, has been active in the Donbas region of Ukraine.
Enlarge / Dmitry Rogozin, second from left, has been active in the Donbas region of Ukraine.

The director general of the Russian space corporation was fired five months ago. An official from the Russian space agency acknowledged that the post of high-profile ambassador had been taken away to appease NASA and other partners on the International Space Station. International spaceflight relations have improved as a result of it.

Since his dismissal, it has been speculated that he might take a leadership position in Russian-occupied areas of EasternUkraine. The "Tsar's Wolves" inspection group of volunteers has yet to be formed. Russian troops need advanced weapons technology in order to win the war.

He has been posting images and statements to his Telegram account from the Donbas region of Ukraine, visiting with troops. In order to look the part, and to build up his image as a "tough guy", Rogozin has posted images of himself dressed up as a soldier. Some Russians have taken to mocking the Russian politician who was once close to Russian President Vladimir Putin because his actions have looked more like cosplaying than anything else.


Russians have been looking at the images of Rogozin because they show him in more expensive gear. NATO countries were where some of his equipment was made.

Apparently Russian military correspondents are making fun of Dmitry Rogozin because he keeps posting photos of himself in fancy NATO military gear that is an order of magnitude more expensive than regular Russian troops get. Example:

— Eric Berger (@SciGuySpace) November 28, 2022

One of the most dangerous people in Russia is Yevgeny Prigozhin, who is one of the new critics. Putin has turned to Prigozhin to help stem the tide of a flailing war effort in Ukranian. Prigozhin has carte blanche to act in both Russia andUkraine.

TheWagner Group stood up mercenary armies to support Russian forces in EasternUkraine. Russian defense officials who were in charge of the war's early phases have been criticized by Prigozhin. He said in October that the Russian military general staff should be sent to the front with a sub machine gun.

Prigozhin has taken notice of the travels of Rogozin. The actions of Rogozin in Ukranian are being done for the purpose of public relations rather than furthering the Russian war effort, according to Prigozhin. He said that theWagner Group soldiers are trained to identify those wearing NATO clothing. They are ready to kill any of them.

Prigozhin took a shot at the quality of Russian rockets and satellites during Rogozin's tenure at Roscosmos, during which several high-profile failures occurred.

The criticisms have yet to be responded to.