The new date is Dec 5, 2022.

The multimillion-dollar partnership between Nike and NBA star Kyrie Irving is officially over, the sneaker giant confirmed to Forbes, a month after the company pulled Irving's upcoming sneaker after he pushed antisemitic content.

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Irving no longer works for Nike.

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A company spokesman told Forbes thatKyrie Irving is no longer a Nike athlete.

Less than a week before its scheduled release, Nike pulled the shoes from the market after suspending ties with Irving.

Irving seemed to take the break in stride, sending a Gif with the text, "There's nothing more priceless than being free." 10 minutes after the report.

Forbes estimates that Irving made $11 million from Nike in one year, making him one of the 10 biggest shoe deals in the NBA.

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$18 million. Forbes estimates that Irving made between $500,000 and $1 million in endorsements last year.

Key Background

Irving was suspended for 8 games without pay after he refused to say if he held antisemitic beliefs after posting a link to a film on Amazon with antisemitic content. The antisemitism controversy came at the same time as West lost his sneaker deal with Adidas due to his antisemitic rants. West posted a picture of Irving on his social media account, deeming him a real one.

Irving has forfeited millions of dollars for his beliefs. Irving, who refused to receive the Covid-19 vaccine in protest of vaccine mandates, was ineligible to play in most of Brooklyn's home games last year and lost out on $10 million in his salary until New York City's guidelines changed.

Surprising Fact

Since Irving first posted a link to the antisemitic film, Nike's stock has risen about 30%, and the company can still fall back on its deep roster of athlete endorsers.

Nike drops NBA star because of antisemitism controversy.

An analyst says that Adidas will lose $650 million after dropping their line of clothing.