According to Forbes, Donald Trump failed to reveal a $19.8 million loan from a company with ties to North Korea while he was president.

According to records, Trump owes money to L/P Daewoo. Candidates and presidents are expected to list their debts in financial disclosures, but he didn't.

Five months into his presidency, the loan was paid off. According to Forbes, the documents don't specify who liked it.

A development project near the United Nations headquarters in New York City and several other projects over the years have been done by a South Korean conglomerate with ties to Donald Trump. According to Forbes, the company was the only South Korean company allowed to operate in North Korea in the mid 1990s.

The loan on the books of the Trump Organization was not identified as a personal loan and may have skirted disclosure laws.

Conflict of interest concerns over the president's debt to a foreign operation would have arisen. Trump gushed about his friendship with Kim.

The U.S. Office of Government Ethics doesn't have the power to investigate a president's assets

Walter Shaub, who ran that agency when Trump took office, said that OGE has no way of knowing if someone does not reveal a loan.

The system is predicated on people following a law because they want to follow it, according to Don Fox.

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