Yeti brand cooler outdoors, Pleasant Hill, California, October, 2022. Photo courtesy Sftm. (Photo by Gado/Getty Images)
Yeti brand cooler outdoors, Pleasant Hill, California, October, 2022.Gado/Getty Images
  • A freight ship lost cargo and hundreds of coolers are washing up on the coast of Alaska.

  • The people are looking for high-end coolers.

  • It's not known how many of the coolers remain in the ocean.

Residents of coastal Alaska are finding remnants of the lost cargo along the shoreline, mostly high-end coolers.

Hundreds of the luxury coolers, which range from $250 to $750 each, have been washing onto beaches with moderate wear on the outside, but in near mint condition inside.

—KUOW Public Radio (@KUOW) September 7, 2022

According to The Wall Street Journal, the company lost 1,600 when fans posted their finds on social media.

Some locals have made it a hobby to search for treasures along Alaska's 6,640 miles of coastline because of the unusual beach debris. A resident told The Wall Street Journal that he had found 19 Yeti coolers.

The Wall Street Journal quoted an oceanographer as saying that there are still "the Yetis" out there.

The coolers will continue to circle the globe. For the next 30 years, you will be getting reports of people finding eevis.

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