The main narrative of the film is that vaccines are used to promote global depopulation. Key to supporting this narrative are several embalmers featured in the film, who claim that they are seeing more and different types of blood clot in the recently dead than ever before, a claim supported by Ryan Cole, who is a dissident pathologist. One thing has bothered me since I reviewed the film at my not-so-super- secret other website. I was pretty sure that the clots featured in the film were postmortem, but I didn't have the expertise to be certain. I want to follow up on this post.

BenjaminSchmidt, a licensed funeral director and embalmer who also watched the film, sent me an email about it because of my review over at my not-so- secret other blog. He told me that he was amazed that any embalmer would portray clot removal as something other than normal postmortem clot that an embalmer would expect to see when preparing a body. I immediately tried to get him to write a review of the parts of the movie that feature these clots because I wanted to publish a perspective on this film that I hadn't been able to find before. His guest post will be published later this afternoon.

Is there anything else in the film?

I decided that it would be of interest to our readers to see a revised and updated version of my pre-Thanksgiving Day review first. There is overlap in my review of the movie and its conspiracy theories, but I will add a link to it later.

Let's start with my review.

“Depopulation” by vaccines: Everything old is new again

I realize that I sometimes repeat this to the point of annoyance, but it really does need to be repeated over and over again in the age of the Pandemic. The most recent example is the claim that large numbers of people have died suddenly because of the COVID-19 vaccine, which the "global elites" want for reasons that are never made coherent. An echo of old antivax conspiracy theories is what this one is about. The problem is that most people don't know. A book called "Cause Unknown" is coming out in a couple of weeks and is a conspiracy theory about sudden deaths. It was written by a former Wall Street analyst and a portfolio manager who should be believed when he does amateur epidemiology.

…examines the epidemic of sudden deaths in America. Throughout his stock picking career, he utilized pattern recognition to get ahead of his peers and the street before his bullish or bearish thesis became consensus. Early in 2021, he noticed a rise of news anecdotes about sudden deaths among very fit athletes and other seemingly healthy young people across the country. His question was simple: What changed in 2021?

I'm not sure. What could have changed in the year 2021. The book was written by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and his group Children's Health Defense. When I want someone to analyze complex epidemiological data, my first choice would be a stock portfolio manager who thinks that pattern recognition in picking stocks is more important than being misled in epidemiology. If I can get a hold of a copy of this book, I will not have to worry about seeing money going into the pockets of RFK Jr. and Dowd.

Cause Unknown

It must have been the vaccine.

When I was learning how to counter antivax misinformation, the "depopulation" claim was often made by antivaxers who claimed that childhood vaccinations were killing children and causing a wave of sudden infant death syndrome. Antivax documents are not making new claims. The first time I ever wrote about the antivax conspiracy theory was when I wrote about a film called Sacrificial Virgins that blamed vaccines for killing young women. There are claims that vaccines like the tetanus vaccine cause infertility and premature ovarian insufficiency, which could lead to a slower version of "depopulation." Is any of these claims familiar to you?

There are many variations of the false idea that vaccines are part of a depopulation agenda. The most ridiculous version of this conspiracy theory came from Mike Adams, who had claimed that vaccines were designed to depopulate the planet so that aliens could rule. Adams renamed his vaccine holocaust to the Oblivion Agenda, in which COVID-19 vaccines will kill 90% of the global population, leaving the survivors to be used by the global elite and their alien overlords as workers. I don't think you're right. There are aliens in the antivax conspiracy theories.

Mike Adams territory is very much approaching the topic of Died Suddenly. It's the only thing it doesn't have.

Died Suddenly? More like “fainted suddenly”

The filmmakers were allowed to post the entire hour-plus video directly onto the social networking site.

The documentary is for those who would like to subject themselves to it and/or verify anything.

The best response to the movie was this.

This is a typical selection of the comments I'm receiving in my DMs. I've been here since 2013 and this is the wildest response to anything I've ever tweeted. You're all unhinged – have a Snickers.

— Megs (@the_meghaning) November 22, 2022

The movie went viral after it was shared on major social media platforms, with many people thinking that it was a retort to the fans who may or may not be crazy. It is worth looking at this movie in detail, because you need to know that this is nothing new for antivaxxers. There is an antivax conspiracy theory that says vaccines cause a holocaust or global depopulation. The people who didn't pay attention to the antivaccine movement should be surprised that it has been used to make a film. It is understandable that most people didn't know about the antivax conspiracy theories, but it is unforgivable that our public health leadership was not prepared. I will talk about Died Suddenly and try to relate it to other antivax conspiracy theories.

I should mention that the Stew Peters Network is a network of conspiracy websites that promote conspiracy theories about everything from vaccines to religion. I first met him when he promoted claims that Jane Ruby was a regular on his network with false claims about the dangers of COVID-19 vaccine. In his last film, Watch the Water, he stated that the COVID-19 vaccines are a synthetic version ofsnake venom and that evil forces are spreading via the vaccines and drinking water. Peters has a version of Adams that invokes aliens. It is nearly as crazy as Mike Adams has produced. It was almost done. Think of Stew Peters as Del Bigtree, with a wide range of conspiracy topics that he likes to fearmonger about.

It was obvious from the beginning of the film that there was a conspiracy theory about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Died Suddenly

There are lots of things. It had to be...c lots.

Prelude: The misinformation didn’t wait for the full movie to flow

Before Died Suddenly was even released, it was obvious how bad it would be because of the social media promotional campaign that started about a month before it hit the stores. Indeed, the trailer alone was full of out-and-out misrepresentations, as noted in this story, which is worth discussing here because it shows that the clips chosen for the trailer released in October made obviously false claims.

In the film’s trailer, footage of a basketball star collapsing on the court is cited as proof of the vaccine’s dangers. In reality, the footage is from 2020, long before the vaccine became available to the entire public.

The Real Truther is a friend of the blogs.

There are more examples from the trailer.

You understand the concept. Even if there was no sudden death, the antivax technique was to blame it on vaccines, even if there was not a correlation. Conspiracy theories about doctors dying suddenly because of the vaccine had been going on for a while. In the age of the Pandemic sudden tragic and unexpected cardiac arrests and deaths of young people have been exploited by antiva.

As I was looking at the trailer before the movie was even released, I wondered if it was a good movie. I was very scared. I decided that I had to watch this movie for a long time. I do things for you. I was thankful that I had written about nearly every conspiracy theory that appeared in the movie. If I had to write about every conspiracy in depth, this post would have been close to a book. Instead, I can just briefly discuss each one and then link to my much longer discussions published either here or at my not-so-super- secret other website for interested readers who want more information.

Died Suddenly: Let the conspiracies flow!

I haven't subjected myself to such concentrated antivaccine propaganda in years. Just watch the first few minutes of the movie, which begins with warning in small white letters over a black background that the film is not suitable for children. The warning is followed by a narrator who says that there has been an "overwhelming and unexplainable increase in all-cause mortality" among 18 to 49 year olds. Antivaxxers aren't known for their politeness.

The film cuts to an aerial shot of an SUV driving through the countryside and then zeros in on the middle-aged goateed man with glasses driving the truck filmed in extreme closeup from the side or behind. The man said as he drove that he felt as though he was seeing something that could be causing their deaths and that no one would see what he saw. He claims to have realized that many of these people had never had a vaccine, so he thinks that maybe COVID-19 had caused this. The most famous of the embalmers and funeral directors who have made misleading claims about finding huge clots in people who died is Richard Hirschman.

Richard Hirschman and clots in Died Suddenly

Mr. Hirschman, what a weird hobby you have there. There is a screen shot from "Die Suddenly."

The man reappears in the movie and is identified by his initials. He was portrayed looking at a table with a statue of skeletons on it and posing as if he didn't care about anything. I don't want to talk about the segment because I've written about his inability to tell the difference between postmortem and antemortem clot. I do have to discuss these clots, but I don't want to steal too much from BenjaminSchmidt. I don't think the images of embalmers pulling clot out of corpses is persuasive. One wonders if the loved ones of the deceased in the movie gave permission for the embalmers to take video of the process. I don't know if it's true. There is an embalmer working on a body in the movie.

The film cuts to the opening credits when the music swells and Roger Waters sings. As the credits roll, we are presented with a collection of images ranging from Big Foot to Jeffrey Epstein, to President George Bush claiming "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq. The assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby while he was in police custody is included in the montage. A shaky graphic of the words "conspiracy theory" precedes an image of Alex Jones followed by images of the World Trade Center towers falling. Peters checks every conspiracy box. I was surprised to see a clip of Tom Hanks being interviewed on The Today Show about his movie in which he discussed Malthusian theory and overpopulation.

There were just four minutes of the film.

Hanks in the movie adaptation of Dan Brown novels is one of the most amazing fictional conspiracy-mongers I have ever seen. Peters can't tell the difference between fiction and reality

Here come the clots, here come the clots!

There are famines, plagues, and shortages when there are too many people on the planet. There are many references to dire consequences of overpopulation portrayed through video clips of people such as Bill Gates discussing the problem. Gates points out that population growth can be slowed by providing better healthcare to poor countries in a famous clip. Gates is repeating what has been obvious to public health scientists for decades when he says that vaccines are part of a global plan to reduce population.

I had never heard of a funeral director named Chad who was talking about decreasing the rate of population growth by using vaccines.

Well, common sense would tell you, if you have a man standing in front of you say … he’s going to reduce the world’s population by 10 or 15% using vaccines. What does that mean to you? It means somebody’s gonna die because you put a vaccine in them. It doesn’t mean you’re going to save people. That’s pretty much common sense in my brain.

Common sense is not really "sense." It's possible that the birthrate declines. I gathered right away that he must be one of the conspiracy theorists who have been saying that vaccines are killing people.

There is a list of stories and web pages about people who died suddenly as a result of searching for the word "died suddenly" on the internet. When you enter words into its search engine box, it's nothing but a translation of what you're saying. I like the idea of Hank getting the vaccine. When he died, he was 86 years old, and so his death two weeks after being vaccined was almost certainly coincidence. It is part of the conspiracy in these narratives. The deaths referenced in the film have to be covered up.

Lead Stories discussed the trailer in October.

The montage flashes an article from October 16, 2022, headlined “Dad of two, 46, dies suddenly in his sleep.”

But the article makes no mention of a COVID vaccine. “Edward died in his sleep in the early hours of September 27, having spent some time in hospital while struggling with his mental health,” the article states.

Another article in the montage is headlined: “Actor’s sudden death aged 33,” but the piece itself explains that the actor died as a result of a “tragic fall” and does not mention vaccination.

Another article, the first-person essay of a mother who lost a son, is about his death in a car crash.

Several conspiracy mongering embalmers and funeral directors repeated Hirschman's claims. The faces and voices of the embalmers are obscured by some shots because they are afraid of being identified.

The whole segment starts at 8:10 and goes on for several minutes, with close-up images showing the clot and the embalmer saying that it can't be normal. None of the embalmers could say if the people who had been embalmed had ever been vaccined against COVID-19 or if they had died from it. This will be discussed in more detail in his guest post.

There were people debunking this on the internet.

Chicken fat clots are made of plasma (the liquid part of blood), clotting factors, platelets, white blood cells- all parts of blood besides red blood cells, which are seen in current jelly clots. These components congeal & take on the shapes of the vessels- like Jello in a mold!

— That Autopsy Suite Life (@MorteSuiteVita) November 22, 2022

100% of dead bodies have clots (not necessarily everywhere) but the video advances a hypothesis that this is not normal. White clots contain more vWF, collagen, and platelets than red blood cells ( .

— Frank Han MD 🇺🇦Pediatric/ACHD/GUCH Cardiologist (@han_francis) November 22, 2022

There are only two possibilities. Either these embalmers and some of the doctors are lying or they don't understand the difference between postmortem and antemortem clot. One or the other can be true according to the specific person and specific clot being described.

The narrative of the film is that it must have been the COVID-19 vaccine that caused the deaths of young people. This entire segment consists of an appeal to personal incredulity, as almost none of these stories mention whether any of these people had ever been vaccine free. The fact that young people sometimes suffer sudden cardiac arrest with no prior warning, and that the syndrome was described in the 1970s and 1980s, does not mean that these people died suddenly.

There was a claim that a military database had shown a huge increase in cancer rates since the vaccines had started being required for military personnel. I will not discuss that one in much detail because I did so in detail before. Even after exposure to large doses of ionizing radiation from the atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the earliest that cancers started appearing was two years later, it is biologically implausible that we would see a huge increase in cancers less than two years after the vaccine rolled out. colon and breast cancer didn't show up until a decade later. Ryan Cole made an appearance blathering about oncogenes and cancer biology that he clearly doesn't understand while appealing to "nefarious actors" behind this plot. Bill Gates is all over the place.

The film suggests that the coronaviruses crisis was part of a plan, even though it was not true. It is a conspiracy theory that dates back to the days of Plandemic and Plandemic 2, two movies that claimed that the epidemic was a plan to cause depopulation and impose absolute authoritarian rule. There is a lot of provaccine messages and songs from people like Stephen Colbert and people are saying that we are in a "war" if you don't take the vaccine.

I almost stopped watching when Steve Kirsch came at the halfway point. According to his claims in Died Suddenly, no one wants to know what's in the vaccines, and no mainstream media reporter has ever asked "what's in the vaccine." You might remember Kirsch as the tech bro who went from somewhat reasonable to full on COVID-19 conspiracy theorist who likes to challenge his critics and the critics of any of the cranks whose ideas he amplifies to five hour debates to be recorded and posted to YouTube and Rumble. When real scientists ignore him or politely decline his offers, he portrays them as being too "cowardly" to debate him.

There is a risible claim that there are still pages in the package inserts. I couldn't locate them if that's true. He promised to pay any scientist $1 million to debate him on his show. He is angry that the CDC is not paying attention to him. I would ignore him if I were a high-ranking CDC official or the chair of the ACIP. A police officer instructing a man to leave the property of the chair of ACIP is shown in a segment of the film. Peters or Kirsch thought that his footage made him look like a stalker and not an investigator. Yes, it really does. You can watch it for yourself at 33:45 if you don't agree with me. He is proud that he has been identified as the #1 superspreader of COVID-19 misinformation.

Steve Kirsch in Died Suddenly

Steve was described in a way that was accurate. There is a screen shot from "Die Suddenly."

At about this point at the 45:00 mark, there is a video debunking the idea that people had all died suddenly. There were pictures of people falling into the subway trains or onto the tracks as they passed by. If there were any deaths in these images, it would be because of bad timing and locations. Some people appear to have convulsions and others just faint and fall in the video. Most of the people didn't die, but it was shown that they had a vaccine before the incident.

According to this article, most of the people shown collapsing are not related to the vaccine, but are related to something else. Even more deceptive is the fact that at least two of the clips are from before the vaccines were available. Before the first cases of the novel coronaviruses disease were reported in China, there was a clip from the year 2019. The vaccine is so powerful that it can kill people in the future.

Peters and crew blatantly misrepresented the cause of a child's death to promote their message.

13 year olds can sometimes die suddenly of no apparent cause. It's usually due to an undetected abnormality of the heart. Even if there is a link to COVID-19 vaccines, antivaxxers are still weaponizing the deaths they can find.

There are a number of speculative stories about people who died within days of being vaccined, with no reference to whether they had recently been shot or not, followed by a segment aboutembalmers working on actual corpses. They claimed that they weren't getting any drainage over a scene of a clot measuring a few inches in length being pulled out of a vein. The fluid was squirted out of the hole in the vein rather than the claim that it was extensive. I won't say anything more about this scene, because in his guest post our embacuee explains why this squirt of fluid was a good thing and indicates a good embalming.

There is a clip of a beating heart, followed by a picture of the heart stopped and a surgery to remove a clot in the lung. This is an operation called a saddle embolectomy, a rare surgery that removes a blood clot that goes to the blood vessels of the lung and can be fatal. There is no mention of whether this patient had been shot or not.

saddle embolus

There is a saddle pulmonaryembolus. You can see how the clot fills the main pulmonary arteries.

In fact, the video in that segment looked suspiciously familiar to several doctors on the social networking site.

For reference they have done autopsy studies on the very rare cases of vaccine induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT) which causes blood clots

— Eric Burnett, MD (@Doctor_Eric_B) November 24, 2022

I found a video on the internet that appears to have been used by Peters and his team. The video looked very much like the one in Suddenly Died to me. The video's settings don't allow me to put it here, so here's the link

It turned out that you can just say it is the same video. The Real Truther made it very clear that the Died Suddenly director appears to have his footage of the clot removal directly from the video on the internet.

It is amusing to note that one of the experts in Suddenly Died, Dr. Ryan Cole, was very unhappy at the debunking of his vaccine theory. He appealed to authority and said that he was an expert. There was no proof there. Dr. Jonathan Laxton points out a reason why embalmers might have seen more postmortem clot than usual.

There may be more postmortem blood clot. The length of time you store bodies affects the postmortem of their blood. The funeral industry was overwhelmed by the death of COVID-19.

There is a segment with someone named Dr. Gene Posca who is shown seeing someone named John who is said to have been injured by two doses of the Pfizer vaccine. He had a complaint of leg swelling from a deep venous thrombosis. D VTs are not uncommon. Dr. Posca recommended bilateralechocardiographys on this patient after he claimed to show heat in the neck and legs. If you suspect D VT, just order theechocardiography. I wrote about the unnecessaryness of the thermography when I described another quack who advocated it. Dr. Posca is an antivax conspiracy theorist, who is based at the Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital in Florida, who has testified before that the vaccines are a "dangerous and experimental drug" being imposed by "fascists from D.C."

The Cleveland Clinic is crazy. The Cleveland Clinic hospital in Florida houses Dr. Posca.

Conspiracies everywhere

I was exhausted at the end of Died Suddenly, as it was basically a repository of every conspiracy theory out there about the COVID-19 vaccine. It's all anecdotal with no data. Near the end of the movie, a nurse claims that she is seeing more fetal demises since the vaccine. One of the embalmers claims in the video that he had a run of still births at his funeral home, with five of the six mothers having been vaccine free. Is it possible that there is cherry picking and confirmation bias. The embalmer notes that he has more fetuses in the refrigerator than he has before. An OB/GYN named James A. Thorp claims that he is seeing more death and destruction than he has before.

The sequence is followed by a graph.

Died Suddenly and still births

That's right, Hmm. There's something strange about this graph.

Is anyone aware of the problem with this graph? There is no evidence for a phenomenon like this in other places. There is an increase in still births at certain points in time. In 2020. COVID-19 vaccines were not recommended for pregnant people until well into 2021. The graph is consistent with the fact that COVID-19 causes still births. This graph just seems to be made up to me. Who doesn't know what it shows? There is no correlation between vaccine and birth. A meta-analysis found that the vaccine reduces the risk of still birth by 15% and that the vaccine reduces the risk of catching COVID-19. The story of the nurse who blew the whistle originated in The Epoch Times. The doctor is full of shit. Look at this claim by him if you doubt me.

Fetal heart attacks are not something to worry about.

Another person described the vaccine as a "pure evil in this world" and another person described the vaccine as an "evil that is destroying" infants.

Conspiracy theorists portray the vaccine as a weapon being used to control the world at the end of the movie. There is a call to arms followed by a warning that if you don't fight back you will be involved in the atrocities and a counter of how many billions of vaccine doses have been given.

Everything old is new again

The idea that vaccines cause depopulation and kill young people has been around for a long time. The antivax movie about Sacrificial Virgins is something I like to refer to. The unfortunate young women who died suddenly presented more anecdotal evidence than anything in the film, and their stories were not all that convincing, given that their deaths all occurred weeks after the last of a series of three injections. The Greater Good had the same narrative for infants and children. More examples of antivaxxers blaming vaccines for sudden death of infants, children, and young adults than I can easily recount, given that I have been at this for over twenty years.

The data-free nature of the film is odd. Don't misunderstand me. Conspiracy theorists can find data that they can torture until there is a confession. I was expecting more graphs and appeals to "excess mortality" than I received. The movie features interviews with conspiracy theorists who cite cherry-picked anecdotes and their own memories to make their cases. The movie making is pretty slick, and if you don't recognize the blatantly fallacious arguments, I can see how it might be persuasive to those who believe in COVID-19 vaccines.

I don't know if I have the ability to read Cause Unknown, although I hope someone with some critical thinking skills will if it turns out that I can't. I don't know if you've seen this movie, but it depicts COVID-19 vaccines as pure evil. I don't know if it's so over-the-top in its misinformation and lies that most people will recognize it for what it is or if it's a selling point that attracts and persuades people. It is possible that it is having an effect, as it has been shared many millions of times.

The discussion of the segments of the film in which embalmers extract disgusting looking clots from recently deceased persons whom they are embalmers will be discussed later today. I learned a lot from his discussion, and I think that you will as well, because you will see that what is shown in Died Suddenly is nothing unusual and completely expected during typical embalmings. This video deconstruction of died suddenly by Dr. Susan Oliver is worth watching.