A new federal lawsuit claims that a gunmaker lied when it said it wouldn't fire unless you wanted it.

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According to the complaint, twenty people named in the lawsuit became gunshot victims when their own Sig Sauer P320 pistol accidentally discharged.

The men and women were highly trained officers, veterans, and responsible and safety conscious gun users who put their trust in Sig Sauer, unaware that the gun they used to serve was a danger to themselves and anyone around them.

Sig Sauer, which says on its website that it is proud to sell weapons to global militaries, law enforcement and more, didn't reply immediately.

The Sig Sauer pistol has internal safeties that prevent the firearm from discharging without atrigger pull and is designed to fire when the gun is pulled, according to the company's spokesman.

The company denied that the pistol is prone to discharging without the use of thetrigger.

According to the complaint, there have been over 100 incidents of the Sig Sauer unintentionally discharging when the user believed they did not pull the Trigger, many of which have caused severe injury to the users and/or bystanders.

According to the lawsuit, the company was aware of previous incidents of guns going off without being pulled.

One time, a Pennsylvania state trooper was killed when another trooper's Sig Sauer pistol fired without him touching thetrigger during a safety training in 2015, according to the complaint.

The pistol is the most dangerous pistol in the US market, according to the lawsuit.

Robert J. Mongeluzzi said that the only way to stop Sig Sauer was through the courts.

The company is being sued by people from many states, including Connecticut, Georgia, Texas, Virginia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Washington and more.

Gun goes off in its holster

The P320 pistol went off in the holsters of many of the people who were sued.

The complaint states that a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent has had experience with firearms.

According to the complaint, during a training in Tennessee, her P320 pistol accidentally discharged and hit her in the hip. This resulted in a lot of damage.

A man with prior experience with firearms training was shot in the legs by his own P320 when it was in the holster.

He tossed a wooden paddle onto a chair where his pistol sat. The pistol discharged after the paddle touched it.

His right and left thighs were hit by a bullet.

A sheriff's deputy in Florida was shot by his holstered pistol as he put on his duty belt, according to a complaint.

He didn't intend to fire the gun when he was hit in the knee, but he did touch the gun.

There are more examples of when people were injured by the pistol without being able to shoot it. The aim is to recover damages and relief for the people.

Sig Sauer is accused of unfair deceptive marketing practices.

According to the news release, there will be more lawsuits against Sig Sauer.

The manager of the Virginia store was violent before the shooting.

The lawyer says the school district will pay over fifteen million dollars.

A Nebraska woman was scalded by a pressure cooker defect.

The professor ran up a broken staircase and fell to his death. His wife is trying to get him to pay her damages.