An internal investigation is being launched by an Australian airline after a video of baggagehandlers handling luggage went online.

Three people can be seen laughing in a video shared to TikTok Friday. Four million people have watched the clip since it was posted.

A spokesman for the airline confirmed to the Guardian that the men were employees of Swissport Australia.

A Qantas spokesman told the Guardian that the behavior in the video is not acceptable.

A handler can be seen raising a bag above his head before slamming it on the belt while another watches.

One user wrote that they don't understand why they have to be violent with the bag.

"That's the reason I've traveled all around the world and have 2 suitcases broken only in Australia," one person said.

Brad Moore, CEO of Swissport, condemned the actions of the men in a staff note that was reviewed by

Moore wrote in the note that "the behaviors in the video let all of us down, most importantly our frontline staff who have worked so hard through Covid to assure quality standards in difficult circumstances."

He said that disrespectful behavior to customer luggage and personal effects will result in serious discipline.

There is a possibility that this could be the case.