It's Wednesday.


The new Tim Burton show that is a remake of the Addams Family for the young adult set English language records for hours watched on its first day. I wanted to take a hard look at the show before I heard anything about season 2, 3, or 4.

Wednesday is an okay show that is turned into a good one by an amazing performance from the lead of the show.

She has been on the verge of a major breakthrough role in the past few years with spots in You season 2, the new Scream movie and others, but this is it.

The entire series works because of the interpretation of the character by Ortega. Her performance methods are said to be the stuff of legend, where it is said she reshot any scene where she blinked, and she personally helped create the bizarre, goth dance sequence that took over Tik Tok.

Wednesday is a compelling lead with just enough humanity to make her someone you can still root for. I don't think anything else about the series would work without this person.

The roommate of Wednesday, played by Emma Sinclair, is a bright spot. Who knows if the two of them will graduate to girlfriends by the end of the show. Even if it would make sense, I don't think it's a Tim Burton-type development.

The show structure tries to solve a decades old mystery woven into a current string of murders. She is terrible at solving mysteries, pointing her finger at wrong suspects until the very last minute of the season. There were clear clues and red herrings to see in the final explanation. Wednesday is so good, you would be interested to see what she does in the role. I hope the second season is more interesting and compelling than the first one.

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It's Wednesday.


This first outing of the Addams Family is supposed to be the beginning of a larger expansion of the show. It's a great character even though it's just a hand, because it's controlled by a guy in a green bodysuit. I like Luis Guzman as Gomez, and I want to see more from him, not just doting on her. Please more Lurch.

The show is the beginning of a monster franchise for the streaming service. The Addams Family universe will continue for 3-4 more years. The show needs to live up to her performance.

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