The account has been suspended.

The news was shared by Musk, who said that Ye was in violation of the rule against inciting violence.

Ye posted a picture of a Nazi swastika and the Star of David on his account.

Musk replied "This is fine" after Ye posted an unflattering photo of him showering on a yacht with the caption "Let's always remember this as my finaltweet." In the image below, you can see the short exchange between Ye and the person who sent it.

Kanye West Ye Twitter suspended

Ye's tweets are no longer visible following the suspension. Credit: Twitter

Musk said that Ye's account has been suspended for inciting violence, not for posting Musk's picture. It's not an unflattering picture of me being hosed by Ari that's being suspended. He said that the pics were helpful in motivating him to lose weight.

Tweet may have been deleted

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Donald Trump was suspended from the social media site after he encouraged the mob who attacked the U.S. Capitol in January.

Ye's suspension is the result of a wave of previously banned accounts being restored, including that of Donald Trump. Musk said no account reinstatements will happen before a "content moderation council with widely diverse viewpoints" is formed.