EasyJet is going on a hiring spree and instead of targeting the youth, it is targeting senior citizens in its purse.

EasyJet Wants More Senior Citizens Citizens To Be Flight Attendants

EasyJet has seen a 30% increase in new flight attendants over the age of 60. There has been a 27% increase in new flight attendants over the last four years. EasyJet is targeting older people in a new recruitment drive.

According to a new survey in the UK, almost 70% of Britons are willing to take on new challenges once their children have left the nest.

A number of older EasyJet cabin crew have joined the airline in the last year.

  • Neil Brown (59)
  • Peter Wanless (68)
  • Mike Tear (57)
  • Gary Fellowes (63)
  • Carlos Santa Monica (48)

EasyJet says older workers have a wealth of life experience and are ideal candidates to work a customer-facing role.

Neil Brown worked as an engineer for 30 years. His daughter became a flight attendant.

Michael Brown is the director of cabin services for EasyJet.

“At easyJet, our people are at the heart of everything we do and it’s the warm welcome and fantastic customer service that our cabin crew are famous for. Karen and Daniela are a great example of how being cabin crew is a fantastic job no matter what your age and so we want to encourage even more people like them to join us. If you’ve got a passion for travel and people and want a job that’s different every day, then we can’t wait to welcome you on board as part of the team.”

Brown is referring to Karen and her daughter.

This Is A Great Idea

I don't believe that flight attendants should only be young and beautiful. Some of the best flight attendants I've had over the years have been older.

The crew on my last British Airways flight was very pleasant. I think this is a great idea that will help improve service onboard if EasyJet hires the right older people.


You can apply if you're looking for a career change.

How many of you would consider a second career as a flight attendant after you retire?