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According to his owner, Noodle the Pug passed away.

Jonathan said that Noodle passed while in his arms. He thanked everyone who watched his dog on the platform and welcomed both of them into his life.

The caption stated that Noodle had a helluva run. I have been fortunate to care for Noodle for the past seven years. The sweetest man there is and will always be.

The pug was famous for a "No Bones Day" gag that Graziano would do daily. If Noodle flopped, he'd lift him up and see if he could stand on his own. An indicator for the rest of TikTok was if he stayed up.

The internet is in mourning, with many pointing out just how pure Noodle's interactions were, and how well Graziano interacted with him. The pet owner adopted Noodle a decade ago, so they had been together for a long time.

Fourteen-year-old noodle was.

I am sad.