Geoff Duncan
Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan of Georgia.AP Photo/John Amis
  • In a CBS News interview, Duncan was critical of Herschel Walker.

  • He thinks Herschel Walker will be one of the worst candidates in the history of the party.

  • There will be a December 6 election for the Senate seat.

Herschel Walker will likely become one of the worst candidates in our party's history, according to outgoing Georgia Republican Lieutenant Gov.Geoff Duncan.

Walker wasn't the right choice for Georgia conservatives according to Duncan.

I am a conservative." I think it's the best way to govern. I've been a republican for a long time. He told the news outlet that his kids could articulate the conservative platform better than some of the candidates he supported.

Herschel Walker will probably go down as one of the worst candidates in our party's history because this wasn't the right brand for Republicanism.

Walker struggled last month compared to the other statewide Republican candidates, who all won their races.

In the general election last month, Walker earned 48.5% of the vote compared to 49.4% for his opponent, forcing a December 6 runoff as no candidate got the necessary 50% of the vote to win.

Georgia Republicans had an overwhelmingly successful election cycle, despite the party faltering on the national level, even though they lost key races that denied them a Senate majority.

Republicans argued that Walker's win would deny Democrats two more years of control of the upper chamber. The GOP argument that a 50-50 Senate would give them an even split of committee assignments doesn't make sense with Democrats in control of the upper chamber.

With a 51-47 majority, Democrats would be able to forgo power-sharing agreements and give them more seats on committees, which would make it easier to approve President Joe Biden's judicial nominees.

Duncan told CNN earlier this week that he couldn't cast a ballot for the Republican nominee because he didn't want to vote for Walker.

He told the network that it was the most disappointing ballot he had ever looked at. I couldn't find any reason to put my vote behind the two candidates. I showed up to vote but didn't vote for either of them.

Walker has been accused of paying for women to have abortions in the past.

During a campaign rally last month, the Republican nominee talked about being a vampire and a werewolf.

Duncan said earlier this year that he would focus on the GOP 2.0 independent movement after he leaves office.

In his book, " GOP 2.0," Duncan wrote of the need for a more independent and inclusive party, as well as pointing out the consequences of conservative misgivings about election administration, which he said resulted in the loss of two GOP Senate seats.

While in office, Duncan stood behind Kemp's refusal to entertain Trump's push to overturn the 2020 presidential election results in Georgia, and also praised the GOP Secretary of State for defending the integrity of the vote in that year's elections.

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