There are a few different parties that make money when a token is sold on the aftermarket. The seller of the NFT gets paid, the creator of the NFT gets a royalty, and the platform charges a transaction fee.

Apple wants to be paid on these NFT trades.

NFTs can't be traded in the Coinbase wallet app. The latest version of the app is being blocked by Apple. What's the reason? The feature is either removed or implemented as part of Apple's in-app purchases system. Apple gets paid a cut from each transaction.

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Apple blocked the last app release because they said the network fees needed to transfer NFTs between wallets need to be paid through their in-app purchase system, according to a statement provided to Mashable. Anyone who knows how NFTs work knows this isn't doable. Even if we tried, we couldn't comply because Apple's In-App Purchase system doesn't supportCRYPTO

When a user participates in an NFT transaction, they must pay a gas fee. The amount of gas fees depends on how busy the particular network is. The fee goes up when the network is busy. The fees are paid to people who verify the blocks on the ledger. Apple's 30 percent wouldn't come out of the cut since the gas fees don't go to the company. Users who pay gas fees through an app purchased in the App Store will be required to pay more for in-app NFT transactions than they would outside the App Store.

According to Apple, the company just recently updated its policies around NFT transactions, which is why the most recent release was blocked. Apple says that this rule will apply to all developers despite the fact that the first major platform to go public with the issue is Coinbase.

The specific rule in Apple's App Store Review Guidelines has been pointed out.

You must use in-app purchase if you want to unlocks features within your app. It is not possible for apps to use their own mechanisms to unlock content or function.

Apple stated that it will work with developers who are affected by the update.

Issues have arisen due to the 30 percent commission that Apple charges developers. The game was removed from the App Store by Apple due to the feud between the two companies. Musk said that he had to pay 30 percent of his subscription to Apple.

A diplomatic tone is being struck by the company. "We hope this was an oversight and we look forward to working with Apple to find a solution that benefits Apple and their customers."