American Airlines has made a change to its app that will be appreciated by American frequent flyers.

American upgrade & standby list now show available seats

It is nice to know how many seats are left on a flight. American Airlines has a new app update that addresses that.

American Airlines app update

There was a pop-up when I opened the app after I installed the update.

American Airlines app update

What has changed since then? The upgrade priority list and the backup priority list are displayed by American Airlines before departure. It is possible to look at this if you are booked on a flight, but you can also search upgrade lists even if you are not on a flight.

What has changed since then? The number of available seats has been added to the list. Take the list from Miami to Dallas. There are a lot of people on the waiting list for an upgrade but no first class seats left.

American Airlines upgrade list available seats

There are quite a few people on the list and 33 available seats.

American Airlines waitlist available seats

It's really useful to have this information.

  • Previously when I was on an upgrade waitlist, I’d use other websites to see how many seats were still available in a premium cabin for an upgrade; it’s much easier to have this information in one place
  • Even if I’m not on standby for economy, it’s good to know how full economy is, so you have a sense of how full the flight will be; this could be useful if you’re wanting to board last but worried there won’t be room for your carry-on

American’s tech still has a long way to go

I think this is a good improvement to the American Airlines app, but I think Delta and United have been doing this for a long time.

American is catching up with Delta and United when it comes to technology. The airline is a long way behind. American isn't as bad as JetBlue when it comes to technology, but it's still far behind.

American has made improvements to its website and app, like being able to book online with vouchers, instead of having to call.

There are still many improvements that would be great to see, such as being able to upgrade online, being able to fully refunds award flights online, etc.

Bottom line

The American Airlines app now shows how many seats are left within eight hours of departure. This change will give you a better idea of your chances of clearing.

If there are no seats remaining, your chances of clearing are very different than if there are.

This update of the American Airlines app is appreciated by everyone.