It can be difficult to travel internationally. You have to understand the laws of the place you're visiting and learn the local customs. New legislation may make Indonesia less appealing and practical to visit.

Indonesia planning strict new conservative laws

A new criminal code is expected to be passed this month by Indonesia's parliament, which has been working on it for years. Sex outside of marriage is banned by the legislation. It would be a crime to have sex outside of marriage and could lead to jail time.

Indonesia plans to ban insulting the president and state institutions, as well as expressing any views that are not in line with the country's state ideology. This could lead to up to three years in jail if the president reports it.

New laws would apply to foreigners as well. Indonesia is a big holiday destination for foreigners.

Indonesia's deputy justice minister is proud to have a criminal code that is in line with Indonesian values. Indonesia tried to pass a similar law, but it didn't happen due to protests. There isn't the same level of public outrage this time around as the country shifts to being more conservative.

Indonesia may become a less appealing place to visit

What would this change mean for travelers?

My views on the laws as a gay married dude with a kid are obvious. This isn't about judging the laws of different countries, but about the implications for travelers.

Indonesia is the biggest foreign tourist destination in the world. It is a pretty accepting place and is known for being liberal. There might be some premarital sex and/or cohabitation going on at the party.

Sex and cohabitation laws are problematic. Is it necessary for travelers to present a marriage certificate when checking into a hotel in Indonesia? It would have a big impact on tourism to the island. Being aware that you could be jailed for having premarital sex is a big issue.

The implications for travelers will be dependent on how closely this is enforced. You have a higher chance of getting caught up in a mass shooting in the United States if you live in a country with a problematic law. Same-sex activity is banned in the U.S., but there have been no known arrests or prosecutions.

I wouldn't want to be a part of this experiment. I think that these laws will cause potential investors to be cautious, especially if they have businesses that rely on foreign tourists.

This would be very bad news for visiting Bali

Bottom line

Premarital sex, cohabitation, and saying bad things about the government will soon be banned in Indonesia. A lot of travelers will think twice about visiting Indonesia because of the laws like this. I want to know how this plays out.

What do you think about the changes to Indonesia's law?