A FedEx contract driver has been arrested and accused of abducting and killing a 7-year-old girl in Virginia.

Lake Worth is where the suspect is from He is in the Wise County Jail and is facing charges. He admitted to the crime, according to authorities.

The sheriff said that authorities were investigating him after he made a delivery in front of the house. FedEx has cooperated with the investigation.

Within an hour of her abduction, investigators think she was killed. It was close to her home where her body was found.

The sheriff got emotional at a news conference shortly after 10 p.m. when he learned of the child's death.

The sheriff wouldn't talk about the motive in the case.

A rural community northwest of Fort Worth has been devastated by the disappearance of a woman. The case has attracted national attention and hundreds of volunteers have assisted with the search.

The sheriff said during an afternoon news conference that the search for the child had been scaled back. The investigators seemed to be hopeful that she would be found, but the tone of their update to reporters sounded gloomy.

Late in the day, a large number of law enforcement appeared to zero in on County Road 4599, which is less than 10 miles from the house. Authorities cleared the scene after officers appeared to be searching in a ditch.

The sheriff said that the body was found a few miles away.

HAPPENING NOW: we’re off CR4599 between Boyd and Cottondale in Wise County where there is a heavy police presence.

This is not far from #AthenaStrand’s home.

Under 10 miles at least. Will provide more info when we get an update. pic.twitter.com/Cr0g9Mhbd4

Matt Howerton is a reporter for the Howerton News.

The press conference will be held at 2 pm. Akin said, "Hopefully, we can find her and bring her home, but it's all about the possibilities and we need to look at everything."

There was no trace of the missing child after a search of five miles. The investigation didn't turn up evidence of foul play or an abduction, according to the sheriff.

You can watch a live stream from our partners at WFAA.

The girl was reported missing to the sheriff's office. The family had been looking for her for a while.

Akin said that the stepmother and father of the girl have cooperated with the investigation, as have her mother.

Akin stated at Friday's news conference that the student arrived home on the school bus. The day is Wednesday. The stepmother told investigators that she and the child had an argument and that the girl walked away.

Akin said that her stepmother said that she expected her to come back.

The stepmother told the sheriff's office that she went to her stepdaughter's room but didn't come back.

The stepmother was the only one at the house when the girl went missing. Akin said that her father was on his way to go deer hunting in south Texas when his wife called him to say that she hadn't heard from her.

She was last seen at her father's home in Paradise. He didn't know if there had been previous calls to the home.

The sheriff's office said that the first responders arrived at the rural property about 14 minutes after the emergency call and conducted an initial search inside and under the house.

They searched until 4:30 Thursday morning and then returned at 7 a.m.

On Thursday, the Texas Department of Public Safety issued an amber alert for the girl. The child is in danger, according to the amber alert.

The area has been searched both inside and outside. Akin said that the woman wasn't dressed warmly. There's a lot of concern for us. The longer it goes the more concerned we are.

The Texas Department of Public Safety, FBI, U.S. marshals service, and other agencies were involved in the search. Hundreds of volunteers from the community walked shoulder to shoulder through the brush.

Volunteers should not show up unless they are asked to by the emergency management office, according to authorities.

The dogs and horses were used in the search.

It was a search and an investigation from the beginning. The investigation is now accompanied by a search.

  • The FedEx driver is believed to have taken the girl from her home. She was kidnapped by the driver. The sheriff said that she probably died an hour after she went missing.

  • A massive search is underway for a 7-year-old girl who went missing from her home in Wise County.

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