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Volkswagen is considering giving money to coding schools in Mexico and Brazil as part of its strategy.

The board member in charge of personnel said that the company is considering expanding its support for similar institutions in the Czech Republic and Germany.

The software academy doesn't charge tuition and uses a gamified learning process. Microsoft and other companies support the schools.

VW is trying to catchTesla on a $30 billion tech reboot.

Germany is under pressure to address a shortage of skilled workers that has been worsened by an aging population and a sub-par education system. The country's auto industry is in dire need of coders as it ramps up production of electric vehicles that rely on software platforms.

There is a huge need for skilled workers in the IT sector in Germany. We need to work to meet this demand.

Several models, including the electricPorsche Macan, have been delayed due to software development issues at Cariad. According to Kilian, Cariad will be part of an automated driving venture in China.