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The world didn't know much about Indiana Jones 5 before the trailer came out. Most of the world didn't know the film's title until the trailer hit, but they knew who was in the cast. Director James Mangold fired back at some fans who think they know everything.

Indiana Jones is known as Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. The movie is set in the 1960's and begins with a scene of Harrison Ford fighting Nazis. It is still unclear what the movie is about or what it is about at this time. While some online sleuths have begun to piece it together, others have gone on to fabricate wildly inaccurate and misogynistic predictions.

According to io9 sources, what follows gives away a lot of information about the plot of the show.

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io9 believes that the prevailing rumor for the past several months is that dial of destiny involves time travel That means what? What is the way? What's the reason? We don't know a lot and would rather not know until June. We do know that the ending of the film is not correct, and that online troll took that information and made a fake one. With the time- travel plot getting more likely, some fans continue to perpetuate the lie.

If Indiana Jones is erased from existence, then you won't hear the end of it, but it looks amazing! I hope he is wrong. I would like to have Indy andMarion retire. That's the theory. When Indiana Jones goes back in time and erases himself, he will have completed all of his adventures. There is a rumor going around that the film ends with scenes from the original four films. Fans have created fake scenes to make them funnier.

A few weeks ago, Mangold was replied to by a fan who simply replied "Not true" before moving on to a few other points. The above reply went further. There is one more time. Mangold said that no one is taking over or replacing Indy, nor is he being "erased" by some contrivance.

He said that he shouldn't point out how a troll is "right" once in a while. A squirrel can find a nut. To make wild guesses about a movie plot, one has to look at set photos, interview, and get enough information. Time travel is a part of the plot. There's more. They are trying to make money off of your feelings about other films. They push controversial guesses as a way to get people to click on them. It's time to let it go. The director might have gone back to making the movie.

Applause to James Mangold for speaking out and defending his movie, something he doesn't have to do and most Disney executives wouldn't advise against. You don't give food to the troll. He is fed up with people believing blatant lies, as well as their underlying hatred and misogyny. The idea of a woman having the same accomplishments as Indiana Jones is offensive and ridiculous. These are not real people. The characters are meant to engage and reflect the audience regardless of gender, race, age, height, or any other factor. Men can't watch a woman play a role for five minutes. It doesn't happen again.

If Indy erased himself in the movie, that doesn't mean the movies aren't worth seeing. Regardless of what happens, you can still watch them and see Indy find the Ark. You would think a person obsessed with Indiana Jones would respect the decision of the fictional character they are portraying.

Lucasfilm did not respond to io9's request for a comment on the situation. We will have a lot more in the coming months with the opening of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

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