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There are more workers voting to unionize. In favor of unionization, 14 quality assurance tester voted 14-0. The team at the office will be joining the Communication Workers of America.

The publisher tried to prevent the vote by arguing that 88 developers should be included. The game testers shared a community of interest with the National Labor Relations Board in denying that bid. Expansions are sometimes used to reduce the chance of a successful vote. Three votes that arrived late because of mail delays wouldn't affect the outcome.

It was said that it was considering all options. All Albany workers should have voted in the name of "fundamental fairness and rights" for the whole branch.

The CWA said in its own statement that it was a vote against burn out culture and that the group was "advocating for ourselves" out of care for the work and the games. Long hours, pay rates and other issues have been complained about by workers. It is thought that unionization will give staff more power to demand better conditions.

It might not be so easy. The National Labor Relations Board found that the withholding of raises from workers who voted to join a union was unfair. The National Labor Relations Board blamed the unionization for the pay raises being passed on. It isn't certain that improved conditions will come quickly.

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