T.J.Holmes and Amy Robach cracked a joke about the week during the show.

T.J told Amy he was hoping the week would just keep going. The entire statement is sarcastic.

While smiling, Amy told T.J he was speaking for himself.

tj holmes amy robach

T.J. and Amy's secret relationship was exposed this week after Daily Mail claimed the couple have been romantically involved for months.

According to sources with direct knowledge, Amy went to ABC execs several years ago to clear the air about her and T.J. Amy told her bosses that they were just friends, even though they had hooked up.

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach

Due to Amy's divorce from Andrew Shue being finalized in 2 weeks, Amy and T.J. are going to make their relationship public.

There is one thing certain. T.J. and Amy are still getting along.