One of the most important things in the world is food. Food has always been one of the most motivating factors in my life.

When you have had a quintessential food experience, like sushi in Japan, you can't help but wonder if that southern barbecue everyone talks about is equally as moving.

You will end up down that road in all corners of the globe. That is great.

The world's best food experiences are moving and unforgettable. These 19 experiences will stay with you long after your passport is returned to you.

If you want to check out as many of these as possible, make it a goal.

Barbecue In The Southern USA

You will hear a lot of trash talk between Kansas City, deep south, Texas BBQ and all that, but the only thing that matters is getting a genuine article of American barbecue.

It takes hours of preparation, including a dry or wet coating, and many more hours being slowly smoked at a low temperature to make a good barbecue.

What did the result look like? You can't get enough of the meat that falls off the bone.

Dosa In India

There are great curries all around the world, but a dosa is so special in India, and it's a food outside of what most who experience Indian cuisine from abroad are used to. The food is good enough for everyone.

You could say the same thing about the food. A dosa is a thin crepe cooked in clarified butter and filled with a variety of food. It is one of the most unique and cheap experiences you can have.

Sushi In Japan

This is the epitome of quintessential. If there is one travel expense that is worth it, it is doing a proper Omakase in the country that does it at a higher level.

If you let yourself relax, everything from the tastes to the pace of the meal will change you in a positive way. It will ruin you for eating other types of food. I am not eating it in London anymore.

Pasteis De Nata In Portugal

You have to say, "damn, that's good". One of those things is a Portuguese custard tarts.

The real thing is more important than the flaky pastry around the base, decadently smooth custard and maybe a dash of cinnamon.

We don't condone such a thing, but it's the kind of thing you'll find yourself smuggled into. If you need another reason to go to Portugal, this is it.

Afternoon Tea In The UK

It is possible to get afternoon tea in high end hotels around the world, but it is not the same as in London or the UK.

It is worth every penny and it is expensive. You end up loving the things you don't like, even if you don't agree with them.

You should always put cream on your food, even if the Queen says otherwise. This is a conversation starter that will make you unpopular with the British.

Chili Crab In Singapore

Singapore is famous for many things, but many of them came from other places.

Chicken rice is a wonderful dish and can be found in many places, even if Singapore doesn't do it very well. The chili crab isn't that much.

Chili Crab in Singapore is the best in the world, and if you want to eat seafood, Singapore is the place to go.

Coffee And Breakfast In Australia

This may be a hand raiser or a head scratcher.

When it comes to coffee and breakfast snobs, Australia is the best country to live in. There is no argument that coffee in Australia is the best in the world.

Coffee is treated like meth by them. If you had to pick a city doing it better than any other, it would beMelbourne.

Seasonal Pasta In Italy

Every time I ask an actual Italian what makes their cuisine authentic, they always say its seasonal.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are available in the summer and winter.

The prime of the season is the best time to have a seasonal Italian pasta dish. You can eat veal in Milan and pizzette in Puglia while you are there. A Margherita pizza is mentioned here.

Corn Masa Tacos In Mexico

A taco is not a taco if you say you have had one.

A masa, smashed corn taco in Mexico has more robust flavour than a fully loaded imitation at your supermarket or taco stand.

It's time to put the sombrero on and call it a day if you've taken down with some beautiful aromatic sauces and a smokey Mezcal. This humble ingredient is a game-changing one.

Thai Curry In Thailand

It will never be as good as what you find in Thailand, even if you can get a great curry within 10 miles. The aromatics, flavours and pungency of the herbs and spices that make a truly epic Thai curry will never be as powerful abroad as they are at home.

Each variation has its own twist on sweet, sour, spicy and punch, all of which will blow your mind.

What's my favorite? Panang can be nice as well.

Jamon Y Queso In Spain

It should be washed down with a glass of red wine.

Iberico Bellota is in its purest and most untouched form. In Spain, having acorn fed jamon by the pallete is an unbeatable taste in terms of simplicity.

You don't need sauce, salt, pepper or oil, you just put it in your mouth and enjoy. The 30 second bite is like a good wine, with changing tastes and joys at every turn.

Ceviche In Peru

Everyone has an idea of ceviche, but the best way to describe the real thing is on the internet.

It's bigger, better and more memorable than anything you could've imagined, and that's all because of the freshness of the ingredients. A complete explosion and symphony of flavor can be created by using fresh herbs and lemons.

This is an art form that is of the highest caliber and it is the best in the country. Three of the world's 10 best restaurants are in Lima.

Szechuan Cuisine In China

The Great Wall is larger than true Chinese cooking in China.

China can be odd, but the food you take away from region to region makes all the difference.

There are many different types of food, but there is no flavor profile similar to any of them. The flavor of the pepper is not comparable.

Tzatsiki, Or Any Dip In Greece

I am aware of what you are going to say. I'm going with Greece here.

Greek food is not appreciated around the world because it is difficult to reproduce. The honey from Greece knows no difference. The climate is the secret ingredient that makes it all possible.

You can find your way to Mykonos, Santorini or any of the Clyclades in the season. The trip is worth it alone.

Steak In South America

We didn't want to bring tension to an issue where everyone is eating and winning.

A steak in South America washed down with a very heady glass of wine is just wonderful.

Think big flavors, lots of garlic and a lot of meat. You will be happy about every ounce you attempt. Don't expect to like your local steak restaurant again on price or taste.

Bánh Mì In Vietnam

Everyone loves a sandwich. The Banh Mi is a great example of the fusion of style and taste created by the French.

The problem with Bnh m is that you won't enjoy your favorite sandwich at home as much as before. Unless you live in a place with a similar climate.

Fresh herbs are taking things to new heights and the best of bread. The turkey club will not be the same again.

Pastry In France

In Japan and Australia, pastry is good, but in France it's not as good.

There is a great croissant in France that has more folds than a dog.

The trip is even more worthwhile if you combine that with the caffe culture of France. If you want to immerse yourself in a culture which is impervious to change, sit outside and ignore the cigarette smoke.

Nasi Goreng In Indonesia

One of the best places to visit is Nasi Goreng in Singapore.

The classic dish is comfort, on comfort, on more comfort with a dash of hedonistic flavour.

This is a staple of Southeast Asian cuisine, and for many of the same reasons that a Thai curry isn't the same anywhere else, a good Nasi just can't be replicated without the strength of flavour found here. It's time to jump on it.

Tagine in Northern Africa

South Africa is a great place to eat, but it lacks a specific dish which is worth traveling for.

A tagine is a delicacy in North Africa. When you have a tagine that is just right, it is as satisfying as anything else.

When you collect passport stamps again, which food experience is up next?

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