My setup makes it hard for me to use my turntable. I keep my system and records in my living room, but I usually work in front of the computer in my office. My partner and I are going to watch something after work. I don't have a lot of time to listen to music. It is usually the reason I use my record player on weekends when I am cleaning or drinking coffee.

When we have guests over, I don't want to move my turntable setup. Is there another fix? Get another player. I need to buy another speaker system and make room for it in my office, all of which sounds expensive. The answer is a suitcase record player.

The Re-Spinrola turntable is light and easy to put away when I don't need it. It has a built-in speaker so I don't need to hook anything up, and I can even take it with me to a friend's house.

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There is a record scratch.

The Re-Spin is a suitcase record player that looks like a mini suitcase. It is lightweight at just 5 pounds because it is made from 25 percent recycled plastic and 100 percent recycle packaging. It is available in gray, red, blue, and green.

If you open it, you will be able to place your record and tonearm there. There is a plastic cover to protect the stylus and pieces like the tonearm have latches to keep them in place. I would be cautious. When trying to catch the subway, try not to hit the turnstile.

You can take off the cover and use it as a display case, which is nice and all, but there isn't an all-in-one solution for carrying a few records with the Re-Spin. I would love it if I could carry two to three records and the Re-Spin in a single bag.

There is a photograph of the vitrola.