Posted: 12/1/2022 | December 1st, 2022

Hippies used to prefer the calm beaches of Tulum over Cancn's wild, cacophonous nightlife.

In the last decade or so, the Hippies have been overtaken by other people. I enjoyed seeing the ruins, but not as much as I would have liked.

That's just me. Each year hundreds of thousands of people visit. It's not a good thing that travel is subjective.

Home to some of the best-preserved Maya ruins and picturesque white-sand beaches, Tulum is definitely a beautiful slice of Mexico.

Is the area safe?

It depends on who you are talking to.

There was at least one kidnapping of a tourist there earlier this year and two women were killed by gang crossfire while dining at a restaurant in 2021.

As opposed to six other states in Mexico, where the report said, "Do not travel to", the information from the US State Department says to "exercise increased caution" when traveling in the state of the same name.

I have traveled to the region and never felt unsafe. You need to keep an eye out for pickpockets and keep your wits about you, but that's not what you should do while traveling.

Everything you need to know to stay safe in the city can be found here.

Is Tulum Safe for Solo Travelers?

Yes, it's generally. It is in the interests of the local and national governments to keep tourists safe. Visitors will stop coming, businesses will suffer, and there will be more crime if tourists are robbed in Tulum. It goes on for a long time.

If you exercise some caution, as you should do in any new destination, you’ll likely avoid any serious issues.

Is Tulum Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

Tulum is generally safe for solo female travelers. That said, female travelers have additional concerns and should exercise even more caution. Don’t walk alone at night, for example, while in Tulum. Never accept a drink from someone unless you saw it being poured or made. And always keep an eye on your drink when out at the bar.

Are Taxis in Tulum Safe?

Even though you are in the world, taxi drivers have a poor reputation. This seaside town does not have a reputation like that. It's important to agree on a price before you leave.

Taxis are plentiful in Tulum so in most cases you should not have a problem finding one. If in doubt, though, have your hotel or hostel call one for you so you can be sure you get a reputable driver.

Is Renting a Car in Tulum Safe?

Travelers should be aware of some rental car scam in Mexico. It is common for people to rent a car online and then show up at the office only to be told they don't have any cars.

Hidden fees are one of the issues. You should be aware of the high costs for insurance that you are only told about at the last minute.

There are no issues to worry about when renting a car in Tulum.

To find the best rental car deals, use Discover Cars.

Is There an Issue with Gangs and Drug Cartels in Tulum?

Drug-related gang activity is the main reason for the increase in crime. Drug-related gang crimes have gone up by 783%. This is mostly gang-on-gang violence and not intended for tourists.

The key here is this: don’t use or buy drugs while in Mexico in general, and Tulum in particular. You’re just inviting danger.

Can You Drink the Tap Water in Tulum?

Not being as clean as it could be is something the tap water in Mexico is known for. That's also true for ice cubes. Before asking if the ice cubes are the same as the water in restaurants, you should find out if the water is filters.

If you drank tap water or an iced drink that was contaminated with tap water, you would be stuck in your hotel room with food poisoning.

Bottled water isn’t the most eco-friendly thing, but when in Tulum, stick to it, just to be safe. You can also bring a LifeStraw bottle, which has a built-in filter to ensure that your water is always clean and safe to drink.

Can I Walk Around at Night in Tulum?

If you're alone, it's not a good idea. You should take a taxi if you want to get to the beach hotels on foot. Taxis are plentiful in Tulum.

So, unless it’s a super short distance, don’t walk at night in Tulum.

10 Safety Tips for Tulum

One of the safest places in Mexico is Tulum. When you leave the tourist areas of town, you should be careful. There are some things that should be kept in mind.

This is the first thing. Don't walk around at night if you're very alert. It's your job to fit in.

There are two Pickpockets love to prey on careless tourists so keep your phone out of the reach of other people. If you are swinging your phone all over the place, you might find something missing.

There are three. If you have a lot of nice jewelry, keep it at home or in the hotel room safe. You don't want to be looked at in the wrong way.

There are four. If you are traveling alone, be careful at night because it is not as safe as it should be. Between the center of town and the beachfront hotel zone is where you should avoid walking at night.

There are five. If you don't have international roaming, you can download an offline map. It's important to not pull out your phone too much.

There are six. It's always a good idea to learn some Spanish. You are less likely to be a target if it opens doors and helps you fit in. In the event of an emergency, it is useful. In Mexico, you can call the emergency number.

There are seven. Don't carry all your money in your wallet. It's a good idea to spread it around so that if someone takes your wallet or robs you, you won't have to worry about it.

There are eight. If your phone or laptop is stolen, the Prey app will let you know where it is. If you need to track your stolen device, you can upgrade to a paid version of the app for just $5USD. Prey can use your phone to take a photo of the person who stole it.

There are nine. Don't use ATMs outside of a bank. Skimmers can be placed on outdoor ATMs to steal your PIN, but they are more likely to be robbed. Only use indoor ATMs if you want to remain safe.

10. Watch out for riptides – While the beaches in Tulum are stunning, the riptides can be dangerous. Never stray too far from shore, just to be safe. If you’re not a strong swimmer, stick to the pool.

So, Should You Visit Tulum?

In terms of safety, yes. As I said above, there has been a fair share of drug- and gang-related crime in Tulum over the last few years, but if you’re not seeking out drugs — and you really shouldn’t be — then likely you’ll avoid experiencing any such issues.

My Most Important Advice

Travel insurance is a good option. It's not something we think is going to happen on a trip. Sometimes it does, which I have learned from experience. I have lost luggage in South Africa, had my gear broken in Italy, and popped an ear in Thailand. I was stabbed in South America.

Bad things can happen while you're on the road.

That is the reason I always have travel insurance. If you are going to Mexico, you shouldn't also. You can get a safety net for just a couple of bucks a day to make sure you won't go bankrupt.

Don't let your health and safety go to waste. The risk isn't worth it.

Everything you need to know about selecting an insurance plan.


The Riviera Maya has quickly become the epicenter of the so-called Riviera Maya, attracting all types of people who gravitate here for its stunning white-sand beaches hugging up along blue-green waters.

It is a generally safe place for tourists, but you should always be cautious. You will be able to have a good time when you do that.

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