Cochise County has been ordered to certify its election results by 5 pm. The local board overstepped its authority when it refused to certify the results, making it the only county in the nation yet to approve its results.

Election 2022 Arizona Hand Count

The Conservative Political Action... conference will be held in Dallas in August of 2022. This file photo was taken in Dallas.

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The county's three-member board of supervisors must meet Thursday to certify election results, missing the state's deadline for sending results to the Secretary of State's office.

The court could force certification if local officials refuse to submit the results by 5 p.m.

The date local officials had a statutory duty to certify the results was the subject of the lawsuit.

The final holdout of a small group of counties that did not quickly certify the results of the election is Cochise County, which has refused to do so because of claims of fraud made by the GOP candidate for governor.

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The court decision was a victory for Arizona's democracy.

In Arizona, Lake and Masters, the Senate nominee, both lost. The losses were blamed on strategy failures rather than widespread fraud as was the case in 2020. Donald Trump supported both Masters and Lake, with Lake centering her campaign around the 2020 fraud claims. Lake suggested that fraud may have kept her from winning the match. Lake's campaign thanked people for holding the line on Wednesday.

Approximately 47,000 Cochise County votes will not be counted if the county supervisors refuse to certify the election and the court doesn't force the results to be sent to Hobbs by December 8. Throwing out those votes would flip Arizona's Sixth Congressional District from Republican to Democrat since the GOP nominee only won the seat by 5,200 votes.

Arizona County still hasn't certified its midterm results.

The Democrat lost the election to the Republican candidate for Arizona governor.

The biggest surprises from election night were not a red wave.