T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach

T.J.Holmes and Amy Robach will not be disciplined for their relationship. The gossip website has learned.

Network sources are telling the story. They didn't do anything to warrant punishment. The two consenting adults in the company have the right to date whoever they want. They were on the air Thursday, the day after DailyMail broke the story, so they shouldn't have any consequences.

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach

There are sources with direct knowledge. Several years ago, Amy went to ABC executives to clear up rumors that she and T.J. were a thing. Amy told her bosses that they were just friends, even though they had hooked up.

Both T.J. and Amy separated from their spouses in August, just weeks apart from each other, and subsequently began a romantic relationship.

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Amy's divorce from Andrew Shue will be final within 2 weeks, so she and T.J. will make their relationship public in a few weeks. They were not aware of the DailyMail photos.

They didn't tell anyone about their relationship until the DailyMail story came out.

There are no plans for Amy and T.J. to talk about their relationship on the show.

tj holmes amy robach

T.J. and Amy have deleted their accounts.