If you’re a regular reader, you may remember that back in September, I wrote this article: Say It Ain’t So! American Airlines Eliminates its Best Online Booking Feature.
In the article, I said: “One of the best features of American Airlines’ (AA) website is that it allows customers to hold flights for 24 hours without having to plop down a credit card. No other U.S. airlines offers this super handy function, which always made holding fares and seats on American quick and easy.”

Gary said that American Airlines removed the option to put a flight on a 24 hour hold rather than purchasing it right away for many customers. Competitors haven't had this option for a long time. It makes American Airlines different and easier to buy from.

There is a reason why you shouldn't pay extra for American Airlines'preferred seats.

Since I am in bed with American Airlines, it was disappointing that I was one of those customers. I am an Executive Platinum since I used to fly them a lot.

The 24 hour hold option made reservations and seats stress-free. The removal of this option made AA.com similar to any other airline website. If I changed my mind, I had to put down a credit card and cancel it. AA canceled flights on hold that weren't tickets within the required time.

All US and foreign carriers have to allow consumers the ability to hold a reservation at the quoted fare for 24 hours without payment or allow a reservation to be canceled within 24 hours without penalty, according to the DOT. The DOT's full rule can be found here. The rule doesn't apply if you book a ticket less than seven days before your flight.

Guess what? A positive change is happening at American Airlines. The hold option will be brought back for all customers. American Airlines continues to evaluate its product offerings to customers on aa.com and understand customers may need flexibility when booking travel plans, according to a spokeswoman for the airline.

The American Airlines flight attendant was physically restrained by the aviation photographer.

This is great news! I just tested it out and sure enough it’s back (screenshot below), which makes me, and should make all AA flyers, happy.

American Airlines used to require customers to pay cash in order to use the hold function. They only require customers to purchase two days or more in advance. I tried to book a ticket three and four days from now, but the hold function isn't there. Maybe they are testing that with customers as well. It is possible for Mileage customers to put flights on hold for the same day.

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