If Putin expresses a desire to end the war in Ukraine, President Joe Biden would be willing to speak to him directly.

If the Russian leader indicates that he's looking for a way to end, Biden is ready to speak with him. The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has caused historic tensions between the West and the Kremlin.

The president said he would be happy to sit down with the Russian leader for talks if the fighting ends.

The president excoriated his Russian counterpart over the Russian military's frequent strikes on civilian areas in Ukraine, and underscored how bad the war has been for Moscow since Putin ordered the invasion. Russia has been accused of war crimes.

Biden said that the only way for the war to end is for the Russians to recall their forces.

Biden said the idea that Putin is going to defeat Ukraine is crazy. He has miscalculated everything.

—CSPAN (@cspan) December 1, 2022

A shocking toll of dead and wounded in less than a year of fighting has been caused by the invasion of Russia.

In response to the invasion of Russia, the US and its allies imposed unprecedented sanctions on the country. Russia's economy went into a recession.

Even as his forces lose ground in the face of a Ukrainian counteroffensive, Putin has not given up on his goal.