Recommendations from people you don't follow will be added to the service. In order to make sure everyone on the platform sees the best content, it is expanding it to people who may not have seen them in the past.

There is a feed called the " home" which organizes the feed on the basis of the recommendations. I follow a lot of people, but occasionally I will see a message from someone I don't know. People who don't already see them will now because of the update on Wednesday.

The change could help increase the number of users, which has been claimed by Musk. Some of the largest advertisers have distanced themselves from the social network, but improved user statistics could be an important way to win back advertisers.

The change to recommendations marks Musk's latest stamp on the platform. On his first day of owning the social network, Musk requested that show the Explore page for logged in users, and he is working on relaunching the new blue subscription that allows users to pay for a blue verified checkmark.

Clicking the sparkle icon at the top of the feed will allow you to switch to the latest timeline if you don't want to see recommendations in your feed. You might still see recommendations in your notifications tab from time to time, but they tend to show up for me after I haven't been on social media for a while.