According to Mark Gurman, Apple and other companies urged TSMC to start making 4-nanometer chips as soon as it opens its new plant in Arizona.

With Apple and other companies looking to source components from the United States, TSMC has upgraded its plans so it will be able to supply more cutting-edge chips.

TSMC previously said it would make 20,000 wafers per month at the Arizona facility, although production may increase from those original plans, the people said. Apple will use about a third of the output as production gets underway.

Apple and other major tech companies rely on TSMC for their chipmaking needs, and the change means they'll be able to get more of their processors from the US. Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook has previously told employees that his company plans to source chips from the Arizona plant.

The new plans are going to be announced in Phoenix next Tuesday with President Joe Biden, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, and Apple CEO Tim Cook expected to be in attendance.

In addition to the 4-nanometer production facility, TSMC will officially announce plans for a second phase that will produce even more advanced 3-nanometer chips, which was revealed last week by TSMC founder Morris Chang.

Apple's latest chips are manufactured on a 5-nanometer process and moving to more advanced processes should result in improvements in performance and power efficiency. Some of Apple's upcoming M-series and A-series chips are rumored to be made using 4nanometer and 3nanometer processes.

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