Sam Bankman-Fried speaks to The New York Times
Image caption, Sam Bankman-Fried spoke to The New York Times

The former CEO of FTX denied committing fraud.

The man told The New York Times that he had a bad month and had no money left.

The globalcryptocurrencies exchange collapsed earlier this month at a value of $32 billion.

Many investors can't withdraw their funds from the platform.

Mr Bankman-Fried said his lawyers told him not to speak publicly, but he ignored them.

He said he now has close to nothing after moving personal money out of FTX.

He said he had a credit card that had $100,000 on it.

He denied in the interview that he had lied to investors.

He said he never tried to commit fraud.

He at times seemed vague about the details of money movements between FTX and other entities.

The company engaged in environmental projects for publicity, he said.

Mr Bankman- Fried was once seen as a young Warren Buffet.

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Is the future of money based on cripto-currencies?

He says that he underestimated the amount of cash needed to cover FTX customers withdrawals.

Despite a downturn in the economy, many entities in the space have struggled.

Soon after, FTX declared Chapter 11. Mr Bankman- Fried resigned as CEO.

According to a court filing, FTX owes more than $3 billion to its largest creditor.

Mr. Bankman- Fried had a net worth of more than 15 billion dollars.

The star had become well-known in Washington DC as a political donor who supported better regulation of the digital currency.

In his talk with The New York Times' reporter, Andrew Ross Sorkin, Mr Bankman-Fried confessed that much of his Washington DC work had been PR.

Sam Bankman-Fried speaks to The New York TimesImage source, Getty Images
Image caption, Sam Bankman-Fried speaks to The New York Times

Mr Bankman- Fried said he was not worried about criminal or civil liability.

He started and stopped several times to think about himself and his future. I don't believe this is the end.

Mr Bankman- Fried said he was as honest as he could possibly be. He didn't know when he lied.

SBF said he believed FTX US could pay back American investors despite not providing evidence.