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The CEO of Meta took a stand against Apple's control of the App Store, just like Musk did.

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During an interview at the New York Times'DealBook Summit' on Wednesday, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg criticized Apple's control over its App Store. He thinks that Apple is the only company that is trying to control what apps get on a device.

It's problematic for one company to be able to control what experiences get on the device.

His comments came after similar ones from Musk. Musk said that Apple's control over the App Store was a serious problem. The billionaire said that there could be a reason for the removal of the app from the store.

Although he didn't address Musk's words about Apple, he has been critical of the company's policies before. He accused Apple of monopolizing the App Store two years ago. The company takes up to 30% of all in-app purchases.

Meta's Facebook won't be able to target users with ads in the future because of Apple's privacy policy. Meta's profits plummeted by 50 percent as a result of falling revenues.