Following an apparent meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook, which came just days after Musk went on a rant against Apple, he received assurances that the company had never considered removing the micro-messaging service from its App Store.


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Musk said Cook took him on a tour of Apple's headquarters, where they had a "good conversation" which "resolved the misunderstanding about the removal of the app from the store."

On Monday, Musk said he was ready to go to war with Apple over App Store policies, such as the 30% share Apple takes for in-app purchases.

He asked "Do they hate free speech in America?" after accusing Apple of censoring and cutting back on advertising on social media.

It's not clear if Apple's plans to cut ad spending on Twitter are still in place after Musk's visit, or if those plans exist at all.

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Musk said that Tim was clear that Apple didn't want to do that.

Key Background

Concerns have grown that Musk's moves to loosenTwitter's moderation guidelines, such as eliminating policies banning hate speech and Covid misinformation, might violate the App Store rules. There is a lengthy list of requirements for apps being distributed there, but at the top is a guideline prohibiting "objectionable content." Musk suggested at one point that he's willing to develop an "alternative phone" if the App Store and the Play store were to remove the micro-messaging service. Musk's open threat of war against Apple caused concern on Wall Street, with an analyst saying it was not what investors wanted to see.

The EU warned Musk that it could ban the platform if it didn't tighten its moderation measures.

According to a report, the EU is threatening a ban on social media unless Musk ramps up moderation.

There is a reason why Apple might have threatened to remove the account from the app store.

Here are the other companies that are rethinking their ties.

Musk says "freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach."