Some uses are already reporting big changes to their timelines.Karissa BellK. Bell|11.30.22
Twitter is now pushing recommended content to everyone.

Users don't follow accounts they don't know about, so they are being pushed to follow more accounts. Even people who had avoided them in the past will now be able to find recommendations on the site.

To make sure everyone on the platform sees the best content, we are expanding recommendations to all users, including those who may not have seen them before.

It is not clear if this means that recommendations will be included in the latest version of the app or if it is just a matter of making recommendations more prominent. Recommendations can appear in your Home timeline, certain places within the Explore tab, and elsewhere on the social network, according to a September post on the company's website.

We want to ensure everyone on Twitter sees the best content on the platform, so we’re expanding recommendations to all users, including those who may not have seen them in the past.

You can learn more about them, and how to best control your experience:

— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) November 30, 2022

Some users are already reporting changes to their timelines, with the appearance of new topic suggestions and a lot of random accounts.

The company has added more suggested content before. Recommendations have been pushed into various parts of the service for a long time. In the past, it has been noted that it bars certain types of content from recommendations in order to avoid potentially harmful or low-quality content. There was a communications team at the company.

In the past, Musk hasn't always been in favor of the platform's recommendations. He said in May that using the app's "latest" timeline was important to fix the feed. He said at the time that he was being manipulated by the program. Musk hasn't commented on the new expansion of recommendations or how the feature works.

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